Family Holiday Escapades!


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Hey it’s Kiley sharing fond memories of her holiday. On Christmas Eve, my father allowed me to open one present and I was happy to receive a book by my favorite author,  Augusten Burroughs. (You Better Not Cry: Stories for Christmas) A true mix of inspirational, confessional, and wacky Christmas stories. I finished it by Christmas day, a short read. The Conklin family met at my grams at 2, where she would make her famous lasagna. There is something comforting about traditional holiday food. It’s something that warms the heart. My brother came all the way from Wisconsin for the holidays. Maria made a succulent coconut flan and sweet rice, which I indulged most of my time home. We ate-discussed the world and then went to my sister, Vanessa’s at six. This is where we would visit, open presents, and eat once again. Holidays can sure bring out the “id” or gluttony in people. The true spirit of Christmas is simply being with the people you love and appreciating the good times the year has bestowed upon you.  Christmas is that one time of the year everyone slows down and enjoys life.In memory of my grandfather I gave my grams and father lottery tickets. Every year my gramps would get us all lottery tickets because back in the day he won the lottery.I feel  that tradition is important and it’s a memory I would like to keep alive. My Christmas ended with a bang with a friendly game of Janga.I hope all who are reading this enjoyed their holidays.

“The self is not something ready-made, but something in
continuous formation through choice of action.”

— John Dewey

Peace and Love


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