The visit.


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Today I saw my cousin, her husband, and her two mouth old. I love holiday visits. There’s a special magic in the air during the Christmas season. This special baby is named Mark and he is a little cutie. I love the excitement children bring to Christmas. It makes the hustle and bustle worth it in the end.In modern society it feels like the meaning of Christmas is lost due to materialistic ideals. People feel gifts can buy affection or show love. Christmas is about celebrating,being with the people you care about, worshiping, and eating scrumptious food. Do you have any holiday traditions? Please feel free to share. People have the power to choose who they celebrate with and this is a beautiful thing. Don’t waste time with people who don’t appreciate you or give negative energy to the Holiday Season. I’m currently reading a great book my father let me open for Christmas early called: You Better Not Cry by Augusten Burroughs. It’s a memoir and a collection of personal Christmas stories, good and bad. I feel that everyone can relate to this book during the holiday season.





Peace and love to all who are reading this-







Kind words of wisdom: Don’t take pride in taking. Give and you will be given virtues.

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