Hey it’s Kiley giving advice and suggesting  leisure activities!

The semester is finally over and the grades are in!

I took six classes this semester and my goal for next semester is to procrastinate less.  Sometimes I felt a mix of being overwhelmed and this fueled anxiety due to my structured procrastination. I would mix my priorities up and do everything, but my important tasks. Large tasks should be broken down, instead of being taken on all at once. I received three A’s a B and two C’s. This was a tough semester and I feel that the shift in my grades were due to a mix of burn-out due to four summer classes and procrastination. My overall average went from a 3.57 to a 3.44. This effects my ability be in the Honors Program another semester and PTK. This may also effect certain competitive scholarships for  next fall. I am disappointed in myself, but I will learn from my mistakes.These  obstacles do not make me any weaker of a person. I will rise above and achieve success for next semester.  Life does not always go as planed and sometimes people have to roll with the punches of life. I am my biggest critic at times, but am proud of the accomplishments I have made this semester.  Though perfection is ideal it is almost impossible to execute.


Must see movies and TV Shows:

Black Swan- disturbingly beautiful


Iron Man 2


Bored to Death-HBO show


Local Restaurants-

Red Coach Inn-A bit pricey, but overall delish. The bread was stale, but it came with 3 different dipping (butter, strawberry butter, and vinaigrette oil) I had a succulent scallop bisque and pecan sauced salmon. The veggies on the side were frozen, this was a turn off.The potatoes were crisped with a satisfying crunch.  I enjoyed red velvet cake, the presentation was beautiful.

Froghair-A very interesting concept for a restaurant. The atmosphere was a modern mix of virtual golf, sports TVs, and a antique romantic feel. Instead of bread this place offered pretzel sticks with mustard. This sets this restaurant apart from the majority of restaurants serving bread.I had the signature lobster bisque, truly divine. I do not normally eat burgers, but I had to try the Kobe beef burger with truffle french fries and dill mashed potatoes. Kobe beef cows are meat from  pampered cows in Japan. I prefer to eat that rather then the cheaper burger-full of hormones. I had a well done burger and it was  by far was the best burger I have ever had. I recommend this restaurant!!!!


The Froghair


Happy Holiday’s!

2 thoughts on “Transformation.

  1. Shawna Dorman

    Don’t get too down on yourself for your grades Kiley! A 3.44 is still great and many colleges (and employers) want to see your extracurricular activities and involvement in the community rather than perfect grades! Have a wonderful Christmas and we’ll see you in the New Year for a fresh semester!

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