More Adventurous.


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Hey Kiley Here to tell you about my fun filled weekend!

October 16th


College Village: Saturday Getaway’s, a great opportunity for residents to see what Western NY has to offer.I made sure to have a set amount of money I was willing to spend. Making a budget for yourself is vital because who wants to be broke.   This trip couldn’t come soon enough with Halloween right around the corner! This has to be my favorite mall in the area. The girl residents have all anticipated this event,that’s for sure. I spent a bundle  at my favorite luxury product store: Sephora. My favorite make-up line has to be Urban Decay, it realy is beauty with an edge. My favorite purchased was a colorful “Book of Shadows”,sometimes a girls gotta splurge! What’s your guilty pleasure product?I love the city of Buffalo,it just has this exuberant glow and energy about it.I dig just strolling the city and taking it all in.


^Check it out!

Great song!

^Famous flower of Mannhattan

The Great Pumpkin Farm Clarence, NY

If you get a chance go to this festival! Try the pumpkin cutouts and homemade apple doughnuts, you will be more then satisfied. It truly allows you to reap in the benefits of the fall season.Its open daily through October 31.

The Great Pumpkin Farm

^Wanna know more about what is festival has to offer? Click here.

Pomegranate:Persian restaurant

This was a first for me,I was so excited to try this exotic cuisine. It was fantastic. The must have is the homemade Persian ice cream. The pomegranate soup was piping hot and hearty, but lacked flavor. The fried BBQ style veggies were to die for! The restaurant itself has a great atmosphere full of culture.


“Everyone who got where he is has had to begin where he was.”

— Robert Louis Stevenson

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