Need a good read?


October 13 11:00-12:30

Ken Wheaton’s book reading

The First Annual Grand Prarie Festival

Q&A and book signing!

It was interesting to see both sides of Mr. Wheaton. I had heard about this event from my Bus. 203 class (he was the guest speaker) and was interested in attending this event. I had a class at 11:15, so I have to put my time management skills to the test. Since I could not be at two places at once I had to make a choice. I chose to be a little late for my class. Wheaton is not  only an author, but the managing editor of Advertising Age Magazine. This is a man that wears a lot of hats. I don’t see how he could find the time for such an extensive side project. I purchased the book and will be sure to write about it when I finish, but I’m busy so don’t hold your breath.Ninety people carefully listened as he read a funny passage from his book with a smooth meticulous voice.I enjoyed Wheaton’s humorous wit during the Q&A and his distinct passion for his work.He was extremely personable and very interesting to listen to. I find the advice that he gave to young writers very motivating and useful for the future. Last year I had the pleasure of interviewing the author of the novel, The Art of Racing in the Rain,  Garth Stein, for The New Courier. This was for a “A Tale For Three Counties 2010”.On October 18th an announcement for the 2011 will be made! Stay tuned.

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Wanna know more about the book?

The First Annual Grand Prarie Festival

The Art of Racing in the Rain

October 14th

Cajun food served by Ken Wheaton

This type of food is directly related to the geographic location from the book. The author, Ken Wheaton, raised in Louisiana knows his way around a kitchen. There was both vegetarian rice and beans and an authentic Louisiana gumbo. The gumbo’s recipe is actually in The First Annual Grand Prarie Festival. What a creative way to promote a book! Both dishes were delish. I preferred the vegetarian dish because it was a tad spicier. I my palette could get used to this southern style of cooking, that’s for sure.

“Everything will be all right in the end; if it’s not all
right then it’s not the end.”

– Unknown


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