On paper thin walls of a magazine.


Hey it’s Kiley giving you the 411!


This controversial title was an  event held at College Village about safe sex. It was very informative and beneficial to many students. Our society is perceived as being open, but in reality is closed regarding sexuality. Sex education is practical and beneficial to students. It’s great that College Village is taking a step in the right direction in their programing. Sure it’s great to have fun events, but educational events prove to be rewarding.

October 13th

Business 203

This class is very rewarding. The instructor Mr. Dudkowski encourages and pushes students to think creatively. He is very passionate and insightful during lectures and realy cares about his students. This course is not in the requirements of my major, but I have always been curious about advertising, so I decided to take the course. We had an assignment at the beginning of the year to critique an article,print or online, for Advertising Age magazine. We had a surprise guest, the managing editor of Advertising Age magazine, Mr. Ken Wheaton. To meet someone that is successful in the field of advertising is very inspiring. He was very professional, yet laid back. This was refreshing to see. He was was very personable and exhibited progressive business ideals. Many of the things he was speaking about I could relate it to my honors class theme, the democratization of information.He also, mentioned the show Mad Men, which is my favorite show at the moment.

Must see foreign film

Amelie is a French film,therefore you will have to deal with subtitles.It is a great story about a creative introverted girl who is afraid to, “make a mess out of her life.” This movie made me think about how much sentimental items mean to me.Can you think of any personal items that mean a lot to you?Would you notice if they were out of place?This film is zany and  is great visually.

“Its better to help people than a garden gnome.”

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