5 Things I’m Excited About for Spring 2015 at GCC


Last semester I made a list of 10 Things I was excited about for the semester so I thought I would revisit my list and improve it for Spring 2015. Last semester was my last full-time semester so I suppose it’s only appropriate that, as I transition into part-time study at GCC, my list is shorter than the last one. Enjoy!

5. One. More. Class.

400_F_47125909_X2LDGA4m4GKtUcI6R6NnCyPrTLdHQwznI have to say, I’m a little frustrated with fumbling the ball last semester with Managerial Accounting but now that this class will be my main academic focus, I have a renewed confidence that I can get through this last painful class. My degree depends on this last class and I cannot wait to finish.

4. Sledding Down That Hill

These awesome people know how to have fun in the snow.

These awesome people know how to have fun in the snow.

I’m not sure if my College Village friends will appreciate this as much as I do. They, unfortunately, have to suffer while they walk up and down the hill with rain, sleet and snow whipping in their faces. Most days I say a silent prayer for them. However, I can’t wait for the next big snowfall to arrive at GCC Batavia Campus so I can go sledding down that hill. I wonder if anyone will join in the fun with me…

3. Actual Spring.

1527083_10152897850578103_4748297676987475065_nIt seems kind of funny that the spring semester starts in the middle of January. I think a little part of me dies inside when I udder the phrase “spring semester” during the dead of winter because I honestly can’t stand the snow and cold past the Christmas holiday and/or my one and only sledding day of the year. I sometimes find myself fantasizing about driving in the nice warm days of spring rather than the snow drift war zone that I have to endure on my way to GCC. It helps but then I have to get out of the car and walk/run into campus and my happy little fantasy is gone.

2. The Annual GCC Fashion Show

Last year's Fashion Show theme was "Ethereal"

Last year’s Fashion Show theme was “Ethereal”

The annual GCC Fashion Show is always something to look forward to. We have an unbelievable amount of talented fashion students here at GCC. I cannot wait to see what these student have in store for the show. Another great aspect to the Fashion Show is the Fashion Show Reception that the Tourism and Hospitality students plan and execute on their own take of the theme that the fashion students have chosen for the show. The theme will be announced soon so stay tuned!


I can't wait to be in that line!

I can’t wait to be in that line!

Although I dropped the ball last semester and I have to retake Managerial Accounting, I am slightly glad that I did. If everything went according to plan then I was not going to participate in Commencement in May after finishing courses in December. Now that I’m going to be making the trek to Batavia once a week, I figured that I may as well participate in the Commencement ceremonies and graduate with the wonderful group of friends that I have made while attending GCC.

New Spanish Class for Health Professionals to be Offered in the Spring


A basic class of medical vocabulary in Spanish will be brought to the school next semester. SPA 111, Introduction to Spanish for Health Professionals started and taught by Mrs. Kimber this is planned to begin in the Spring 2015 semester.

This program is designed to aid those entering into a medical field that will be in contact with Spanish speakers, that are becoming more common with the rise of the Spanish-speaking population. Mrs. Kimber stated “ The Spanish-speaking population of Western New York is growing.” However, since there are Vet Tech students at this school, there will be a focus on animal anatomy as well but is not the main goal of the course.

This course will be an elective aimed at the medical field here at the college. This course can be used to supplement a degree in Spanish translation, or a medical field equally. As an elective, this course does not require previous Spanish language experience.

The class is intended to run like an introductory Spanish class, focused on class work rather than online assignments. Class would be more focused on pronunciation rather than on conjugations and grammar; in due part to the human element of dealing with other Spanish speakers. The class itself will be split between room C303 and the foreign language lab in class hours. “After taking this course will you be a proficient Spanish speaker? No, but you will be able to give basic commands.” Mrs. Kimber states.

This offers a new opportunity to GCC students, as a fusion between classes, that provides the chance for students to gain people skills they might need to survive in their chosen field. When asked why Mrs. Kimber created this course she replied with, “ The best part of a foreign language is allowing people to advocate for themselves.” The course could be recommended to any would like an extra edge in their nursing career, or who want more capable public speaking skills. Mrs. Kimber states “ If it goes well, then there will be a second level.”

To learn more about Spanish for Health Professionals and even more new classes that will be offered beginning in Spring 2015, please visit our website.