Deciding on GCC


Choosing GCC was a very interesting experience because I knew it was the school for me when I was introduced to it. I played AAU basketball the summer before graduating high school. I played in many showcases and tournaments is to be seen by many colleges. One day my dad told me that I had gotten an email from a college coach that seen me play in a recent tournament that I was in. I thought it was cool to have a college coach recognize me for the way I was playing. My dad and I looked online at the school website and found it to be very pleasing. Things where easy to find and they had a great Veterinary Technology program that I caught my eye on. That day I emailed the coach back and told her I was interested.

I was going to my last showcase which she said she would attend. After I finished playing my first game I finally met Coach Christie McGee-Ross. Reading her bio was very compelling, she was nice and polite and I could tell that she was a very accomplished coach. That made me figure that she came from a school with other polite people. I also met the assistant coach, Dena. Coach McGee-Ross even introduced me to her 11 year old daughter. I wanted to go somewhere to where I knew I could create a family, and meeting the coaches made me feel a family vibe.

From then on I stayed in contact with the coach to set up a visit. I was hoping that the campus was really nice, and upon my arrival to Genesee Community College the campus I wasn’t let down. When I was going to meet the coach, a former player gave me a tour of the entire school. It was very fun. Once again everyone that I met was very polite and I even met another recruit while visiting, and she seemed extremely nice as well. That made me more excited about GCC and even more ready to commit myself to this school. In weeks time I was signing a letter of intent to be a Genesee Cougar!

-Breana Gleaton