5 Quotes to Motivate You to Finish the Semester Strong!


GCC students we are at the 8-week mark of the spring semester, which means we are one step closer to summer vacation! I know the last weeks of any semester are the hardest because you’re looking forward to the upcoming break. Here are five inspiring quotes to remind yourself of when classes get tough and there doesn’t seem to be enough coffee in the world. (That quote is by me!)

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“I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy. I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.”

-Art Williams

College isn’t easy, I think everyone knows that. It is so important to remind yourself that it may be hard right now, but in the end when you achieve your goals and get to work in a job you love, you’ll be able to say it was all worth it. I can promise you that you will be happy you went through this once the day comes that you can say you achieved your goal. (And have the reverse cash flow!)

“Never give up on a dream just because of the time it takes to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.”

-Earl Nightingale

People have this idea that millennials are not patient and growing up with technology has trained us to expect instant gratification. Let’s beat this stigma; be patient, work hard, and realize that although it feels like you’ve been in college forever that someday you’ll graduate, and this ‘pain’ is only temporary.

“The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem. Do you understand?”

-Captain Jack Sparrow

This might be cheesey since the quote came from Pirates of The Caribbean, but I liked this quote. What he meant by this is that the problem isn’t the problem itself, it’s your attitude while trying to solve the problem. Your attitude can either lead you to a problem or a solution. If you take on an issue with a negative attitude you  may get a negative outcome, but if you face it with optimism, positivity, and the will to work hard, you might just find the solution.

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes. Including you.”

-Anne Lamott

College is stressful and there is almost never a day that you don’t have homework. I think people sometimes forget the importance of themselves when drowning in the stress of it all. It’s okay to take a break sometimes. It’s okay to take a day or even just a few hours to yourself to relax or do something you like. If you don’t find time for yourself you’ll run yourself down, stop being as productive, and your work most likely won’t be as great as it could be. So you take that nap or read that (unassigned) book, whatever you do just don’t forget to take time for yourself.

“She believed she could so she did.”

This is personally my favorite quote ever. It’s short and sweet, but has so much meaning behind it. The quote says “she”, but this goes for you too guys. If you believe that you can do whatever “it” is and you believe in yourself and your capability to reach your goals than you will. But if you can’t even believe in yourself, how do you expect for your dreams to become a reality. It all starts with you, and believing in your strengths and your possibilities. If you believe you can, than you will.

I hope you’re feeling super inspired and ready to take on the world. If you liked these quotes make sure to check out the SUNY GCC Pinterest where we have a  board dedicated to quotes to keep you motivated!

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Parasites and How to Get Rid of Them!


ParasitesWhether you know it or not, it is common to be living with pesky parasites within your body. This may seem like some third world myth, but just because we live in America doesn’t mean this is false. The ways of contracting a parasite vary; you could accidentally eat contaminated meat, swim in a pond of lake with these critters, or even smell a flower crawling with microscopic worms.

I’m sure your skin is crawling from this piece of information, but no worries! I am here to help by giving you valuable knowledge on how to kill these parasites so you can be healthy and happy.tummy ache

Before I delve into the good stuff, I’d like to name some symptoms so you can decide if the treatments are right for you. These symptoms are a little embarrassing to admit, but it’s important to be in tune with your body to know if it needs attention.

Symptoms of having a parasite:

  • Lowered immune system and constant illness
  • Rectal itching, especially at night
  • Constant tiredness
  • Difficulty sleeping and waking up
  • Bloating and gas
  • Sensitivity to food and chemicals
  • Sweet and/or starchy food cravings
  • Intestinal cramps
  • Endometriosis
  • Brain fog
  • Anxiety/depression
  • Floaters of spots in your eyes
  • Muscle or joint aches
  • Constipation or diarrhea
  • Vitamin deficiencies
  • Bad breath

Now I am going to introduce you to a parasite cleanse that I’ve found to be extremely helpful. It’s by Dr. Hulda Clark and it’s very thorough.

What you’ll need:

  • Green Hull Black Walnut tincture
  • Wormwood capsules (200-300 mg)
  • Clove capsules (500 mg)

Green hull black walnut tincture:

First off, make sure its GREEN HULL. This kind is the only kind that will work. Dr. Clark has some but she has named it Black Walnut Extra Strength. Put the recommended dosage into a half cup of water and sip slowly while on a full stomach. Avoid using sweeteners. You may also put it into an empty capsule if you have trouble with the taste. Do this once a day for eighteen days.black walnut


This one is a little tricky. The first day take one, second day take one. Third day take two, fourth day take two. Fifth and sixth day, take three. Seventh and eighth day, take four. Ninth and tenth day, take five. Eleventh and twelfth day take six. And then for the next four days take seven. Then you will continue to take seven  once a week for as long as you wish to stay parasite free. Take on an empty stomach.


Take three times a day at mealtime. First day, take one capsule three times a day. Second day, take two capsules three times a day. Third day, and forward until day 12, take three capsules three times a day. After the 12th day, switch to three a day. Do this for as long as you wish to stay parasite free.clove

These three remedies must be used together but as separate ingredients. Only if you use them together will you rid yourself of parasites. If you kill only the adults, the tiny stages and eggs will grow into adults. If you kill only eggs, the adults and larvae will make more.


While you are doing your cleanse, it is important to eat according to your plan. There are plenty of foods that help to get rid of parasites. Here are some:

Garlic – Natural antiparasitic and antibiotic. Supports bowel movements and detoxification.

Vegetables – Green leafy veggies with high nutrient content help the body get rid of toxins. Veggies rich in anti-oxidants like cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, and blueberries help feed the bodies organs and glands that are infected with parasites.

Apple Cider Vinegar – it will keep your stomach free from any parasites and eliminate larvae you accidentally eat.

Papaya – great and powerful remedy for getting rid of tapeworms and most intestinal worms

Pineapple – contains an antiparasitic enzyme called bromelain.

Pumpkin seeds – used for eliminating tapeworms and roundworms.

Foods to avoid:

Sugar – Sugar feeds parasites. Its best to avoid these kinds of foods to starve parasites off their energy and fuel.

Refined Carbs – these are cakes, breads, cookies, cereal and pasta. These burden an already strained system that’s infected with parasites.


I hope this information will help you guys prioritize your overall health. It’s important to be as healthy as possible throughout our lives. We are only here for a short while.

Exciting news on the Creativity Conference!



We are steadily preparing for the conference in April. Here are two of our speakers, to look forward to listening to at the event! Stay tuned for more updates!

Joe Ziolkowski (Jacksonville, FL, United States) received a Masters of Science in Education, Concentration: Art Education from Nazareth College of Rochester. A Master of Fine Art from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the Bachelor of Science from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. He is currently Assistant Professor of Photography and Art at SUNY Genesee Community College, Batavia, NY, where he is also SUNY COIL Nodal Network Coordinator. While at SUNY GCC he has also curated a variety of faculty and student photography and art exhibitions, including  “Crime Scene”, “My Pinhole Photography / Mi Fotografía Estenopeica”, “The Land Of Our Land”, “Of This Earth – Cliché Verre”, “Tableau”, “Art Matters”, “Community”, “Clue”, “Environmental Portraits of Western New York”, “Digital/Draw” & “The Sustainable Still Life Photography Exhibit.” He has taught at Rochester Institute of Technology, SUNY Monroe Community College, Center for Creative Studies (Detroit), Barat College (Lake Forest, Illinois), and in Chicago at the Museum of Contemporary Art, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Columbia College, and the American Academy of Art. He has been awarded summer artist residencies at Paul ArtSpace, St. Louis, Missouri, 2016, Jentel Foundation, Banner, Wyoming, 2013, Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts, Saratoga, Wyoming, 2012, English Harbour Arts Centre, English Harbour, Newfoundland, 2011 and Constance Saltonstall Foundation for the Arts, Ithaca, New York, 2010. His work has been widely exhibited, nationally and internationally and he is the author of two monographs, Walking the Line (1992) and Pressure (1997).


Maria Pesin is a senior apparel industry executive with an outstanding history of achievement and over 25 years of field experience. She has developed brands from the ground up and taken well-known names to new heights of excellence. Her proven leadership ability has led her to spearhead marketing operations and construct and implement business plans for New York apparel giants like Fleet Street and GIII Apparel Group building multi-million dollar brands. She has established herself as an expert in everything from merchandising and sales to product development and budgeting. Maria is passionate about the apparel industry and dedicated to working with up-and- coming enterprises that are as devoted to the trade as she is. She takes great pleasure developing close ties with the people she works with and loves sharing the knowledge she has gained over the years as an apparel executive. Establishing new businesses, growing existing businesses and bringing new fashion trends into the marketplace is what she enjoys most about her job.

By Mariah Paddock, Marketing Intern for Director of Business Programs

Donna Rae Sutherland & Her GCC Journey


If you have ever had Professor Dudkowski for a class then you know what a great teacher he is, and how much he cares about his student’s success. In order to gain more knowledge from something other than our textbook and his lectures, we were given the opportunity to bring in a guest speaker. I thought this was a great idea, and enjoyed the guest speakers that had come in the past weeks, so I decided to ask my boss to come in.

donnaraeIf you don’t know Donna Rae Sutherland, she is the Associate Director of Marketing Communications here at Genesee Community College. For short we refer to this area as MarCom. Donna Rae has worked at GCC for 14 years, and has 35 years of experience in communications, within this time she has never been unemployed.

She graduated from high school in 1978, and made the bold move to San Francisco at the age of 17. Jumping forward to her being back in the Western New York area, she earned a certificate in Graphic Arts from Villa Maria College in 1983, as well as a Bachelor’s Degree from Syracuse University, specifically the Newhouse School, in 1988. During her time at Syracuse she majored in magazine journalism and minored in graphic arts.

Now some of you may still be wondering, what exactly does Donna Rae do?! She works on advertising and promotions for GCC, as well as social media, public relations, student to alumni projects, special projects for the President, and she is also involved in several committees.

During her presentation she talked extensively about how she helped develop the current GCC logo and brand. When Donna Rae first began working at GCC she knew the logo needed updating. It wasn’t appealing to the eye and there were many new online marketing outlets that demanded a new contemporary logo.

One of the first steps in making a new logo was doing in depth research to uncover the positive and negative perceptions of GCC. In a professionally conducted branding study, GCC needed to determine what 3 words the school should be most remembered by. Something that alumni could resonate with, and something others would remember when they heard or saw something about the school. The Branding Steering Committee finally concluded “Beyond Expectations” were perfect words to be GCC’s brand.

Next was to create a new logo and because this institution is commonly referred to GCC and it is affiliated with the State University of New York, they chose SUNY GCC for the new logo. It only made sense to use the name that almost everyone uses when talking about the school.

When you look at any logo you probably don’t think too much about it, but Donna Rae and the Branding Steering Committee put in a lot of time and effort for the GCC brand to be just right. To go with the idea of “Beyond Expectations,” the new logo has three major components: a warm, golden lower shape with a rounded corner which represents the caring faculty and staff; a rigid blue shape with sharp corners that represents the rigors of higher education; and the ‘white tornado’ between these two shapes which represents us, the students who are whirling off the page into future without boundaries. And what’s best is the logo works in all media—from a 12 foot wide billboard to a tweet that is 16×16 pixels!

Donna Rae and the MarCom team are just one part of the reason GCC is and will grow in the future. Like her colleagues around campus in all divisions, she is dedicated to making this school a great place, helping existing and prospective students succeed. Marketing communications is an important part of the success of Genesee Community College and I am excited to be part of the team.


How to Care for Stressed-Out Skin


How to Care for Stressed-Out Skin

We all know the struggle of keeping blemish-free skin during the school year. All the studying, essays and exams stress us out, causing us to eat things we only come to regret, and our skin takes the hit. What if I told you there are simple ways to cure those bad days? My methods vary in price, but all of them are easy and show results almost instantly.pimple_11

bronnersFirst off, you may want to upgrade your soap. If you haven’t heard, Dr. Bronners Organic Castille Soap honestly works wonders. It is made from natural ingredients (including coconut, jojoba, and hemp oils) and stays away from harsh chemicals which can cause cancer. Dr. Bronners can be bought online or in stores. I know Target carries it, but I don’t think WalMart does. And just a forewarning, a little bit goes a long way. Honestly, two or three drops in your palm will allow you to wash your face and neck. A 4 ounce bottle will last you two semesters if you only use it on your face.

fools-goldI know it may sound weird, but there’s something so soothing about using a coarse rock to exfoliate my skin instead of a washcloth. When I exfoliate, I do it while the soap is still on my skin and rub my rock in a circular motion all over my face. I start on my right cheek, go towards my nose, over to the left cheek, down to my chin/mouth area (you can even get your lips!), and then up to my forehead. This will make sure dead skin is off of your face, allowing for different treatments to penetrate deeper and more evenly.

Once your skin is clean, there are a lot of different things you can do to treat it further! One thing you can do is hold your face over a pot of boiling water. The steam coming off of it will open your pores. While your pores are open, rub a slice of lemon over your skin. If you have blemishes, this may sting a little. The lemon contains anti-bacterial properties that will fight the bacteria causing the acne.lemon-slice

euro-clayAnother thing you can do is make and apply a clay mask. My favorite way to do this is by using a dry clay powder (Now Foods European Clay Powder is what I use). It’s easy to prepare and offers amazing results. You definitely want the mask to be warm when applying it to your skin to work best and open your pores. The way to do this is by putting about 2 inches worth of water into a small pot. Put whatever liquid you’re using with the clay in a small ramekin and place the ramekin into the water. Heat the pot of water with the ramekin inside to get the liquid warm. Remove the ramekin from the water, turn the stove off and add the clay to the ramekin and mix together until smooth.

There are various liquids you can use for this technique depending on what outcome you need.

To relieve redness, use green tea. To minimize pores, use sour milk (the lactic acid will do this… weird, huh?). To fight a break out, use hydrogen peroxide. If you have no issues with your skin, use water or homemade rosewater.rose-water

Putting the mask on your face is simple. Just use your fingers to retrieve the mixture from the ramekin, and spread it all over your face. The more layers you put on your skin, the thicker it will be. You don’t need it too thick. Let it fully dry (this will take about 30 minutes) and then take the mask off with water. You could also use your rock to help you in case its stubborn and doesn’t want to come off.

Here are some recipes:

Redness reducing mask

1 Tablespoon European Clay

1 Tbsp fresh green tea (more if needed)


Acne fighting maskclay-mask

1 Tbsp Clay

1 Tbsp hydrogen peroxide


Soothing clay mask

1 Tbsp clay

1 Tbsp homemade organic rosewater

½ Tsp honey


Homemade Rosewater

½ C fresh organic rose petals (use organic because you don’t want chemicals from the pesticides in your water)

1 1/2 C water

Put the rose petals and water into a saucepan. Cover and bring to a boil. Reduce temperature to lowest setting that still allows water to simmer. Simmer until the color of the rose petals has faded (5-10 minutes) Leave the lid on and let cool completely. Strain out the rose petals and store in the fridge for several weeks.


avocado-oilThe final step to our skin care regimen is to moisturize. Personally, I prefer to use oils on my skin. I find that lotions tend to be made with fillers, and are in turn, a waste of money.

The oil I use everyday is cold-pressed avocado oil. This oil is wonderful! It doesn’t feel greasy and you can even find it at Walmart. Just make sure that whatever oil you use is cold pressed. There are oils made by manufacturers who heat the ingredients to make the oils, but heating them takes the nutrition out.

Another good oil to use on your skin is hemp seed oil. It penetrates the skin nicely and smells good too.

If you have oily skin, the best oil to use would be grapeseed oil. This oil is very light, which makes it good for hair too!


I hope these suggestions help to restore your confidence and take away your stress over your skin problems. I know firsthand about the struggle between wanting to do well in life and also wanting to look good for the picture. Have a good day

Who is Mariah Paddock?



Hi guys, my name is Mariah Paddock, I’m on the left in the above picture.

First off, I want to tell everyone that I absolutely love Genesee Community College. I came here Fall 2015 with my best friend Megan, who’s on the right. We have been together from the beginning and as our time at GCC is coming to a close, I am leaving a lot more than a school behind. I am definitely going to miss everything about my time at GCC along with the people who surround me here.

Making GCC my home for 2 years is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I went out on a limb by enrolling in the Fashion Merchandising program. It has been a rollercoaster of fun, but by applying myself to my school work and being dedicated to extracurricular activities I have made my 2 years at GCC very successful. GCC has brought me so many opportunities and has helped me grow immensely. I will graduate this May and will confidently transfer to Cazenovia College to continue Fashion Merchandising in the Fall.


On campus, I am a pretty busy girl. I have been writing blogs for the GCC WordPress for about a year now, and I just recently became a publisher due to my internship. I am interning for Dr. Lina LaMattina for the Creativity Conference in April. My duties are anything she asks me to do! I write plenty of blogs, and talk to all sorts of people to get the conference in order.

Do you know what GCC Plaid is? Please say yes!

Well, I am also the GCC Plaid brand sales and marketing manager and blogger. I am responsible for the sales and marketing of all college plaid products. I had to develop ad campaigns for the items and I also use social media to spread word about the products. Below, I was even on a post card to show off the GCC Plaid!


As you know I am a fashion student, above is a picture of my wonderful professor Mr. Rick Dudkowski. He has taught me EVERYTHING that I know about fashion and business and is a huge part of the person I am today. For my fashion show production class, producing a successful fashion show will determine if I earn an A for my efforts. This year I am on the finance committee with my friend Min Muchler, also in the above picture. In addition to that, I am the scene coordinator of the men’s scene. When we were on our NYC trip, we visited a company call Gitman Brother’s and crazy me asked if I could borrow shirts for the fashion show and it just so happened that they said yes! You have to A-S-K to G-E-T! (The picture below is me with guys who work at Gitman Brothers)



Another fun fact about Mariah Paddock is I love love love Chanel. She is truly my inspiration, and my main goal in life is to own a Chanel suit and hand bag.

Among all of the things that I do, I manage to have fun. I am definitely one of those “high on life” kind of people. I love every day and try to make the best out of every situation. I love to ski, make crafts, paint, be with my friend and family, I love food and coffee, i can’t live with out coffee! I am a very happy, bright and cheery person, I was voted “Most Likely to Brighten Your Day” in high school, and I guess my classmates weren’t kidding!

Well, I hope you enjoyed learning a little about me, I will close with more pictures of my life…


This is my mom and me at painting with a twist.


These are my two brothers, Tyler and Daniel.

Home town friends.



The Life of Pablo