Come one, come all! Housing Survey!


housing batavia

Hey y’all! It’s time to participate in something. Let your voice be heard in this online survey. Basically, it’s a survey given by Genesee County and they’re trying to decide what type of housing and additions to add to Batavia!

If you or someone you know would like to participate in helping the town of Batavia develop and grow, please fill out this short 11 answer questionnaire given in the link below. It has to be in by the 17th of November.

Thanks and have a great day!

How to Travel on a Budget


Everyone wants to get out and about every now and then. There’s nothing wrong with that! Somehow, getting out of your humble home to travel and experience new things makes you feel more at home when you finally get back. Stronger social skills, feeling more at peace, and becoming more creative are all linked to people who travel. With that being said, if you have the time, do it! Go see some stuff and come back feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

If money is an issue, take my blog as a survival guide to traveling on a budget. Lodging, food, and transportation can all be calculated to make an affordable trip.

First – Place to stay…

Try to find someone who is renting out their home for the duration of your trip! It’s definitely better than staying in a hotel and cheaper too! Since it’s someone’s home, you’ll be able to use their kitchen! – which goes into my next topic.


Food – what to eat and how

Since you’re getting to live in a home you found on Airbnb, try cooking most nights! To learn how to cook like the people of the place you’re visiting, consider taking a local cooking class to buff up your skills.




This is a little tricky. If you’re in the US, try either renting a car, bringing your own, or taking the public transit! When I lived in Vegas, I didn’t have a car, so I used the bus. It was only $5 to ride all day! Many cities have this option, you just have to do a little research.

public transit


When you’re out on the town shopping, I suggest buying goods from stores that you don’t have back home. The point of traveling is to see new places, so the material you accumulate should reflect the uniqueness of the place you visited.


If you’re ready to get out and about, you should! There’s no reason you can’t do something like travel. Our planet is home to all of us, so we should feel like we can visit it whenever we want!

Anyone like art?? Fugue State – Tricia Butski


Hey there! So, does anyone like art? Just FYI, there’s a fab art display at the Rosalie “Roz” Steiner Art Gallery right now until November 2nd, 2017. The art is both “alluring and grotesque” – perfect for this spooky Halloween season.



You may or may not know, but this exhibit can be viewed Monday – Friday from 10am til 2 pm. The drawings are large scale and done in charcoal. It’s called Fugue State by Tricia Butski and she uses elements of distortion and fragmentation to take on images of human beings.


If you haven’t checked it out yet, I thoroughly suggest you do so as soon as possible. You’re absolutely in for a treat… No tricks here! – unless they’re up this artist’s sleeve 🙂


Home Sweet Home


By: Kiera Dean Fashion Design Major


The Fashion program at GCC had a trip to NYC, which was me basically going home. It was great to be home and see all the city people and my family. On my first night back home me and my friend Kimberly went out to the city to take some pictures for our friends back home in Batavia. The places we went consist from Sephora, M&M world, Forever 21, H&M, and more. We helped our friends back home get a taste of New York City without them having to leave Batavia. I went out to other places in the city but I didn’t take any pictures because I started to feel like a tourist!

A Trip to Zara



By: Ashley Barclay Fashion Design Major


On the NYC trip, we had a lot of time to pass before we all had to meet up to visit the colleges, Mavi etc.. A major portion that took my time up was shopping. I tried not going to stores that were easily accessible to me back home like Lush or Express and granted I ended up gravitating to those stores and purchasing items. Recently, I’ve only started caring about what kinds of fabrics my clothing is made out of due to the wear and tear I put them through along with trying to find comfort while looking stylish so I’m not forcing myself to be kept in a scratchy, textile cell all in the name of fashion. So, I’ve been trying to scout out more stores (online) that I’ve heard sell quality and fashionable clothing. Recently, I found that many online public figures I’ve watched have done clothing hauls on Zara (men’s, women’s & kids clothing store) where they have all talked about what they liked about the style and fit, but not so much the material. I’ve been interested in their garments, but never had a store I was able to go to and physically assess the items; not a fan of shopping online for clothing. So when I found that there was a Zara on 5th, my main goal was to pay attention to the material they use for items, the prices they stick on them and the overall layout of the store to look for any kind of strategy to encourage customers to purchase items. Walking through the front doors had a large gap for people to get in and out with their business-clothing placed on the sides. As you got further towards the back of the store it got more cramped with shelves and racks with clothing surrounding the perimeter. I think the goal was to work your way around the perimeter of the store then the shelves and racks in the middle encourage you to work your way through the maze. I understand that they didn’t necessarily have the biggest space for the amount of clothing  or the fact it was based in NYC, but I wasn’t impressed how many times I bumped into someone within a span of three seconds. The front of the store was fine and had a high variety of items and styles of clothing in that area, but that high variety seemed to escalate out of control once you got to the back of the store. The prices were also moderately high depending on the item you’re interested in. For example, a heavy coat would be $80 and a crop top (depending on the amount of detail sewn in) would be $30. I would say that the outerwear, knitwear and a mix of ready-to-wear items were priced correctly as the material used for that item was soft, breathable, had stretch etc.. But there were some items like a collared shirt priced at $40 that had the texture of those $5 rompers you try on at Forever 21 that aren’t breathable, irritable to sensitive skin and hard to maneuver in. I wasn’t surprised that Zara had 1/3 of their products like this as fast fashion has been the most adopted way of keeping up with each new trend that occurs at a cheap price. I also doubt most of their customers pay that much attention to the material; I mean I used to be like that too, I wanted to look nice and thought it was worth it to be uncomfortable throughout the day as long as the price matched the style of the item. Throughout this experience, I mainly paid attention to the women’s section/floor because I was shopping for myself and more familiar with the styles. All in all, I thought Zara knew their target market, how to work their location into an advantage, displayed a high variety of styles, and had mostly quality items priced correspondingly.

The Benefits of Taking Walks



If you’ve ever felt cramped from being inside too long, I feel your pain. Going outside is so relaxing and it’s a good way to take a break from everyday duties of studying and taking care of our responsibilities. I mean, lets face it! We all need to get out more instead of being under the same old fluorescent lighting we find ourselves in everyday. Although going on walks outside is a good way to stretch our bodies and minds, there are also a ton of other benefits to it!


Just walking for 30 minutes everyday can strengthen the cardiovascular system and prevent diseases. Walking greatly reduces the risk of stroke, as well. This exercise is ideal for lowering blood pressure, it improves blood circulation (so no more pesky cold feet), it reduces bad cholesterol, and helps increase good cholesterol.


Don’t just dismiss this as health mumbo jumbo! There are real benefits to going on walks everyday. Another good benefit is that your mood will improve. Research shows that regular walking modifies your nervous system so much that you’ll experience a decrease in anger and hostility.

Anyone worried about losing weight? This may seem obvious, but doing a little cardio (something like WALKING 🙂 or running) can help those jeans to fit a little better!

I know it seems a little redundant, however, it’s time go get some walking shoes and start taking care of the only body you have. Why don’t you go do it in our new gym? That place is AWESOME! They have treadmills that look out over the campus and state of the art equipment ready for you to get some use out of. Best thing is that it’s free!

Exciting new Public Speaking workshop on Wednesdays!


Do you or someone you know have trouble speaking in front of an audience? I know I do! We are now in luck! Come get over your public speaking anxiety in the Student Success Center (G200) and finally get a handle on presenting. 

DSC_8400[1] (1)

What to bring :

  • Bring your presentations/notes in electronic or paper based projects.


What to expect :

  • Expect to share your presentation as a group or talk one-on-one.
  • Get free and friendly feedback
  • Polish your public speaking, interview skills, “elevator speeches”, and project presentations
  • No sign ups needed!
  • Open dialogue format


DSC_8402[1]When :

  • Wednesdays (3-5PM)
  • October 18, 25
  • November 8, 22, 29





If you have further questions please feel free to contact the lady in charge. 

  • Kate Trombley
  • Email:
  • Phone: 585-343-0055 ext 6285


With this workshop available, there’s no reason you should have trouble presenting in front of your class. Take advantage of the resources given to you and watch your own garden begin to flourish!