Interviewing Janet of Rocky Horror Show: Runo Suzuki


By Pinn Duong

Runo Suzuki is a sophomore majoring in Theatre Arts at GCC. She is an international student from Hokkaido, Japan. She’s currently a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, Student Government Association, Forum Players Theatre Company and a Resident Assistant at GCC’s College Village.

During high school, Runo partook in at least six theatre productions in various roles as an actress, lightning crew, stage manager, and director. At GCC, she had participated in four productions including Bakkhai (as one of the Bakkahs), Single Black Female (as a dancer), Encounters (as an actor), and Children’s Theatre: The Lamp is the Moon (as an ensemble member). Together with the Forum Players Theatre Company, Runo Suzuki performed The Rocky Horror Show as Janet Weiss on October 17-20, 2019 at GCC’s Stuart Steiner Theatre.


“Your heart will thump and your blood will sing / So let the party and the sound rock on / We’re gonna shake it til the life has gone” (lyrics of “Wild And Untamed Thing”). Runo Suzuki and cast performing “Wild And Untamed Thing.”

Were there any difficulties being an international student at GCC?

Absolutely. Last year I was too scared, too shy and too embarrassed to talk to people, ‘cause I thought my English was not good. I’m involved in theatre, have to communicate with the crew and the cast, I was in the situations that I have to talk. Also, my American roommate, Brittany, who is also a theatre major, was also extremely helpful; she always stayed to help me and we hung out a lot, and that boosted my confidence in English speaking.

Why did you choose GCC? And why the theatre major?

I’ve always loved theatre since I was little. In Japan, there are very few colleges that provide theatre programs, and they are mostly very expensive. And I love English, so I want to learn more about it, and I want to learn theatre in New York, since it is the hotspot of theatre and arts. I searched through various colleges with theatre programs and specifically chose GCC to start my English and theatre studies.

What’s your favorite theatre course or professor at GCC?

My favorite course was “Lighting the Stage” taught by Instructor Brodie McPherson, who is also the director of the show. Brodie is so amazing, he can do everything, from light tech to staging and building set props and designs. Currently, I’m working as a lighting design assistant under Brodie as well.

How was the audition process? Why did you choose to audition for this role?

Actually, I initially chose to audition for Frank-N-Furter (Big laugh). I only wrote down Frank-N-Furter and that’s it, I did not write down any other roles. I just loved Frank-N-Furter and after I auditioned for the character, and I was shocked when I was cast for Janet. Because Janet is a pretty, girly and extremely Janet, and I am absolutely not that kind of person.

And I’m shocked to hear you were shocked that you were cast for Janet. I skimmed over the main cast and I could not imagine another cast member that can fit the role and exhibit the bubbly and mischievous innocence as well as you did. It’s either the director cast really well or you acted really well, or both. Why were you shocked you were cast as Janet?

Long story short, I attended an all-girls high school and I mostly played male roles, so I have always been used to the masculine role-playing, so my mind and my comfort zone has always been filled with male’s roles. This was one of the reasons why I auditioned for Dr. Frank-N-Furter. Then one day, I had to be Janet, an utterly feminine, cute and sexual woman.

So the most difficult for me was transforming my gender identity as an actress from masculine roles to feminine roles. There are many different versions of Rocky Horror Picture Show and I watched everything I could find and especially focused on Janet’s pretty and womanly movements. The part I felt most difficult was performing Janet’s “Toucha, Toucha, Touch Me,” which was about her pent-up sexual frustrations and lust awakenings. The scene I feared the most was the scene at the start of Act II (shyly giggles), in which Janet had her first sex with Frank, who disguised himself as her fiancé, Brad, to seduce her.

What are your strong and weak points as an actress? Let’s start with your strong points.

I think one of my strengths so far is adaptability [to different roles]. I’m overly facially expressive. I think another one of my strengths is craziness. Brodie always told me, “you’re a weirdo!” I’d proudly response, “I know!” – maybe that’s a strong point for an actress. I love moving my body, I can’t stop moving my body and dancing whenever I’m hyped.

For weaknesses, I’m not a good singer. I’ve played the Beast in “Beauty and the Beast” in high school, but I think I was terrible, I think no one was moved by my singing. During the first few weeks of rehearsal, the musical director, Lauren, taught me vocal lessons on learning how to breathe, how to project my voice. I also need to improve more on understanding, analyzing in-depth and empathize with the character’s backgrounds and motives.

Did you learn anything new about American culture through this production?

YES! Americans are more open-minded regarding LGBT and they are not too bothered about what others are wearing or what their gender and sexual identity labels are. In Japan, it’s more conservative, the topic is not openly address and people of Japan’s LGBT community in most of the time feels they have to hide a huge part of themselves.

What are your plans post-graduation?

I plan on transfer to a 4-year university or work in a theatre-related position for a year on OPT (Optional Practical Training).

Any words or tips for future GCC theater students?

I experienced so many wonderful experiences with the theatre people here and I couldn’t be more proud. I do hope they will get to have the same terrific experiences as I did.

Rocky Horror Show
Runo and cast at a dance rehearsal for “Wild And Untamed Thing” musical performance.
Rocky Horror Show
Runo (at the front of the line) and cast rehearsing for musical song “Time Warp,” a timeless catchy symbolic song of the Rocky Horror Show.
Innocent ‘Janet’ (played by Runo) and ‘Brad’ (played Samuel Rigerman ) arriving at a strange castle and overwhelmed by Frank-N-Furter minions’ uncommon greetings.
Runo Suzuki performing “Toucha, Toucha, Touch Me” with Chris Barbis (who played Rocky Horror) – a scene where Janet realizes her own pent-up lusts and explores sexual maturity.

Credit: Photos by Kotaro Watanabe from GCC Photo Club.

Meet our newest blogger: Pinn!


Heyo GCC fellows!

I’m Pinn and I’m an international student from Vietnam. This is my first semester at GCC and I’m majoring in Computer Information Systems at GCC. This is an intro blog so I’ll will throw at you some random intro points about me:

  • Having been at GCC for 6-7 weeks, I’m pleasantly surprised to find so many international Japanese students are enrolling at GCC. I’ve always been fascinated with Japanese culture and I never imagined coming to GCC would offer me an indirect cultural exposure to “The Land of the Rising Sun.”
  • Coming from the tropical and humid equatorial climate of Vietnam, I’m preparing myself (physically and mentally) to fight head on with the intense winter sneakily creeping into Batavia.
  • One thing I crave the most after coming to the US is coconut water, which is much more expensive here compared to my home. But on a brighter note, I have easier access to fresh blueberries, cherries and certified-quality nuts (walnut, pecan, almonds…) which can be considered a luxury in Vietnam.
  • I love K-pop and my favorite group is Epik High. Tablo, a Korean-Canadian leader and producer of the group, studied English Literature at Stanford University so many of his songs are produced in English. I am rarely interested in rap, but many of Epik High’s rap songs are at the top of my playlist because of their poetic nature and clever wordplay. If you have only heard about K-pop for BTS, I recommend you check out one of Tablo’s English raps, “Dear TV which tackles the modern demon of tech and entertainment shows.
  • I love graphic design and have been tinkering with and learning to use Adobe software since middle school. I used to think I could take on graphic design as a career but I later realized I lack the artsy-ness and patience, so I’m keeping it as my hobby.  

I read almost all the student writing on this blog before arriving at GCC and their blogging provided many helpful tips about being in America and being a student at GCC.

I hope my future blogs will be able to do the same for other students.

GCC Plaid


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Catching Up With Finance Committee!


There is a lot of work that goes into a fashion show, our students are doing an excellent job of working together and creating an entertaining show that everyone will enjoy. One of our five committees that create the show is finance, a very important department where they balance the budget and put together the final program.

The Finance group is small but mighty with Larry and Becca, they are putting together donations that have been coming in the past few weeks. Finalizing the program, putting in all of the people and business patrons that generously donated. Another major responsibility is preparing and collecting basket raffles and making sure there are a variety of different themes for each basket. As the show is getting closer everyone participating is working hard and getting stuff done!

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Get to Know Your Scene Coordinators!


38th Annual Fashion Show Saturday May 4th, 2019 in the Richard C. Call Arena

As the 38th Annual Fashion Show gets closer and closer each scene coordinator is hard at work putting together looks, music and choreography. This week we will be featuring Kali Nichols who will be coordinating ‘Electricity’!

Can you explain how your scene will tie into “Limitless”?

“My scene will tie into the theme “Limitless” this year because I will be putting my own ideas and creations into the clothing.”

What season is your scene? And why did you choose that time of year?

“The season is Summer because of the metallic colors, glitter and shine being used.”

What is the inspiration behind the scene?

“My inspiration behind Electricity was just to have my own scene that really spoke to me. I’m excited to show everyone my scene and what I created!”

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Get to Know Your Scene Coordinators!


All of our scene coordinators are hard at work, preparing for the fashion show “Limitless”. With a combination of stylists, upcycling and designers this years show is going to be full of innovative and inclusive garments walking down the runway. Each scene coordinator is taking the theme and adding what ‘Limitless’ means to them; putting together looks and choreographing how the models will walk is all apart of the process. Each coordinator is very excited to show off their looks on May 4th, till then get to know the people behind the scenes!

Jewel Watters- “Promise”

Can you explain how your scene will tie into “Limitless”?

My scene will tie into limitless because, this show is all about having no boundaries and being inclusive. My scene will feature 20 models with all ethnicity, and body size.

What season is your scene? And why did you choose that time of year?

My scene will be taking place in the Winter season. I chose Winter because, I’ve always thought weddings taken place in the winter was extremely beautiful because of the snow, scenery, and the color palette for the dresses and suits.

What is the inspiration behind the scene?

The inspiration behind my scene is what you usually envision when you think of having a winter wedding. I think it’s the most beautiful time of the year and will turn into a really beautiful scene.

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Carnival in Curaçao: A Spectacular Event


By Navaily Petrona

GCC Student from Curaçao


“Festival di Tumba” (pronounced Toom-ba)  is one of the most memorable parts of Curaçao’s Carnival. It is one of the biggest musical festivals in the Caribbean and has been going on for 49 years. Musicians compete to become “Rei/Reina di Tumba,” King or Queen of Tumba making their Tumba the anthem for this year’s carnival.

There are two competitions one for children and one for adults. Tumba festival for adults is a weeklong event; contestants participate from Monday to Wednesday and on Friday the 30 finalists are chosen and then the winner.

If you are not at the Festival center where Tumba is held in Curaçao, you are most likely home with your family gathered around the television. Tumba has many traditions, and most families come together and either bring a lot of snacks or BBQ. My first year at GCC we all gathered at College village, our dorm and enjoyed the festival in a small group. This year we came together at the Root with snacks and games to watch the festival. The festival started at 8 pm, but as per Curaçao time most of us showed up at 10 pm.

This year titles, such as “Bos di pueblo” (The people’s voice), “Pa kar’i mi mama” (By my mom’s face), “Artista, Pint’é” (artist paint it), “Kòrsou ta den su Gloria”(Curaçao in its glory) and “Bai piki”(pick it up)  kept us warm in the chilly WNY winter weather making us feel like we were not missing out. Watching the snow fall outside while listing to Tumba is quite different.  While we enjoyed the music, we also played Twister, Four in a Row and “Mens erger je niet,”a German board game that we play a lot in Curaçao.

shelter1“Festival di Tumba” is only the beginning of the Carnival season in Curaçao. For the actual carnival there are a total of seven parades. To enjoy the parade, families make shelters along the parade route where they can hide from the hot sun and enjoy the parade in the shade. They decorate the stands with their imagination that is out of this world, and it helps creating the amazing atmosphere.

The route for the parades is approximately 6 km (3.7 miles). The parades jump-starts on Sunday, February 17 with a parade exclusively for horses, riders get dressed up in costumes decorate their horses. The following Sunday February 24   is the first children’s parade, and then Friday, March 1 is the teen’s parade. The next day March 2, is the carnival of “Banda-abou” (takes place on the west side of the island), and on Sunday March 3 will be the grand parade. On Monday, March 4 there is the farewell parade for the children and at the end a fire breather sets  a massive scarecrow in a colorful costume filled with fireworks on fire. Tuesday the 5th is the grand farewell parade which takes place at night. The different participating groups put the spotlight on their member so their beautiful glittery costumes can sparkle even adding LED lights to the costumes. The grand parade must be lit at 12:00 midnight because this is when lent starts.

If you ever decide to visit Curaçao to experience Carnival do not for get your earplugs because Tumba will be blasting!

To see a video of the Koronashon Rei  di Tumba 2019, click here: fest group1

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Call for Models


Models wanted for Limitless, GCC’s 38th annual fashion show


The fashion business program is searching for models for our 38th annual fashion show “Limitless”. We are looking for models with diversity in size, age, ethnicity and gender. At this year’s fashion show we are creating an innovation, inclusive, and inspirational evening. With this in mind we want to encourage all to give it a try. If you can walk in heels bring them! If you are a person that takes direction well and are interested in participating in our fashion show on Saturday May 4th, please attend one of the following model tryout dates;

Tryouts are in the Batavia Campus at the Conable Technology building, please attend any of the following days:

  • DSC_5320Tuesday February 5th 12:30-1:30 in T122
  • Wednesday February 6th 4-5:30 in T119
  • Thursday February 7th 12:30-1:30 inT119

We hope to see you there!

Makeup’s Effect on Women’s Confidence


Makeup’s Effect on Women’s Confidence

By: Kaitlyn Tipton – Fashion Business Student and Makeup Lover


Makeup is an ever growing trend and a huge part of the fashion industry, and while it is continuously growing every day it keeps hand in hand with the world of fashion. Fashion trends are communicated through makeup. For example, an earthy trend would filter into makeup trends as natural and matte rather than glossy. 

The most popular brick and mortar store to purchase makeup today is Sephora. Sephora is a makeup empire that originated in a small shop in Paris, France. By selling a wide selection of quality makeup, Sephora has become the store women shop at for their beauty items. But an increasing number of women are purchasing makeup online. 

makeup 1Makeup is becoming more popularized though the internet. Female consumers are choosing to watch YouTube makeup gurus to help them along in their makeup journey, and with celebrities constantly always trying to look their best. The way these icons interact with the viewer makes them feel as if they are talking/interacting directly with them and then at the end of each video they sell their makeup products to their viewers. Some of these products and services these makeup gurus pedal could often include lipsticks, nail polish, eyeliner, and liquid lipstick. While makeup in itself is growing, people’s self-esteems are continuing to fall, this is due to the fact that people feel the need to be perfect on a day to day basis. The huge makeup tend in 2018 was bigger is better, this means that girls felt the need to apply more and more makeup to their faces to feel secure in their bodies.

Women should feel comfortable in their own bodies no matter how much makeup is applied to their skin. The constant battle of “should I look good enough”, should not be a constant struggle anymore. This struggle should be considered obscene in today’s day and age. It is 2018 and women have earned their place to stand tall and confident, regardless of how much makeup they wear.

makeup 2In conclusion people should feel confident no matter how much makeup they put on their skin, but with the makeup industry continuously growing this trend is not going anywhere soon. Celebrities and other lovable icons will continually endorse makeup as long as the fashion industry keeps making it, because while makeup does cause some women stress, it also play a huge role in our society.