Spring Dreams


Imagine pajama day every day. Spring 2017 fashion is evolving with an atomic twist turning your night time attire into day time fashion. Are bathrobes the new trench coat? Take less time getting ready to go when you can leave in your bathrobe.  These new fashionable robes are being put to the test and mixed and matched with some of your fashion favs. The oversized house coat can be dressed up or dressed down and there are multiple styles such as plaid and solid colors. When wearing less  becomes more and your favorite pj’s become an important factor in your wardrobe that’s when spring dreams are born.  Turning the classic sleep gear into your runway coat is only the beginning of a new tradition.

breanne 1

breanne 2

This fast pace lifestyle calls for a change in how to get ready. When wearing your inside clothing outside was never the thing to do it has become more convenient  and fashion friendly.  The trend to wear pajama like clothing outside would only result in the creation of the daytime bathrobe. Making dress up more fun and comfortable with this “evening” approach. The  night will forever be young.

Author: Breanne Butler

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