Styling With Jenna Curcio



When you’re first starting out in the fashion industry, what is the number one piece of advice that people give you the most?


Internships, internships, internships!


Get as many as you can, while you can and when you have one, give it your all.  Today, I started my second internship EVER with Andrea Bonawitz Image Consulting.  Located in Rochester, NY, Andrea Bonawitz is an industry professional who owns not one but two businesses.  One being the image consulting business, and the other is her salon: Parlour.


I discovered Andrea and her businesses while I was scrolling through my newsfeed on Facebook and thinking of the next challenge I was going to pursue for the fall semester, and ironically an advertisement for AB Image Consulting popped up!  I sent her an email telling her that I was interested, and things got rolling from there.


Andrea Bonawitz Image Consulting offers a multitude of personalized styling services from head-to-toe for anyone looking to revamp their wardrobe.  These include three main levels of packages:

  1. REFRESH – Organize, Minimize, Simplify

Time is spent analyzing your body shape, reviewing your inspirations and creating your “Personal Style Description.”

√  Personal Body Shape Analysis

√  Personal Style Analysis

√  Color Checklist

√  Closet Cleanse

√  Wardrobe Assessment

√  Strategic Shopping List


  1. RECLAIM – Refresh, Edit & Pair

Enjoy the complete “Refresh” package plus two strategic shopping lessons together, in-store or online.


  1. Redefine – The Complete Evaluation

Enjoy this all-inclusive package plus unique outfit pairing services and your own personal wardrobe LookBook.


You can learn more about Andrea and her fabulous endeavors on her website:


On my first day, I was excited to jump right in and start my assignments, and see what else Andrea had planned out for me.  I began by getting used to how everything is done, what platforms are used for marketing campaigns, and learning how to compose future email blasts for upcoming events!  So far, it seems like there is a lot going on with both of these businesses.  This upcoming fall season, they are hosting two different events through the Rochester Brainery: How To Create A Capsule Wardrobe and Curly Girl’s Guide To Natural Curls.  More information can be found under “Events” on her website!


I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to be involved with a wide variety of tasks including marketing & advertising efforts, social media managing/content creating, blogging, and even shadowing Andrea with future clients.  I can’t wait to be heavily involved with the company, and I’m lucky enough to have someone as amazing as Andrea to work with and guide me.  I am expecting to learn a lot from this internship.  The future is bright!


Jenna Curcio

Fashion Student

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