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The 35th annual fashion show at Genesee Community College will be upon us in just a few short weeks. Lauren Countryman, whom began studying fashion while abroad in Florence, Italy (2014), now finds herself a scene coordinator for this years show. After gaining a lot of knowledge and experience through her course work and through internships, she will be graduating, post-show with her classmates in May!


This photo is a direct example of designer, runway inspired garments that helped create the original design thoughts and inspiration for Lauren. 
(both from


The name of her scene. Pneu Moda, is inspired by the aesthetic of classic looks infused with modern streetstyle; together creating a perfect dichotomy. Of course, the act of creating is undoubtedly autobiographical at the roots, but the way in which she has explored her past for this sustainable collection was in sooth, on a higher plane.


Here is another sample from the 2015 fall menswear collection designed by Raf Simons. This is just another look at the way she interpreted the trends she sees everyday with more classic, contemporary styles. 

It all began and will inevitably commence, so arcane and comprehensive; meanwhile, consciously translating fashions to the demographic and never losing sight of her own style perspective or interpretation. The words that comprise the scene name, Pneu Moda, also drove a vast majority of her inspiration for the garments of which she upcycled herself. It really gave each individual piece a noticeable light of unconventionality, and deeper meaning. The word Pneuma, derived from the ancient greeks, is defined as “an actual breath (to breathe), wind, the vital spirit, soul or creative energy force within a person.”


       Chiara Ferragni Streetstyle: source link = photo is a great depiction of the streetstyle that she wanted her scene to embody. Chiara Ferragni, Italian Fashion Blogger, is wearing a Jaydee Barbie in Hollywood jacket with a pair of vintage Levis Strauss.

  A quotation from Anaximenes observes that “just as our soul (psyche), being air, holds us together, so do breath (pneuma) and air encompass the whole world. According to Diocles and Praxagoras, the psychic pneuma meditates between the heart, regarded as the seat of the mind. Analogously, others have said pneuma to be the active, generative principal that organizes both the individual and the cosmos. A lot to take in, but she found great took great insight from the other facet of the word – that being our ‘childlike’ spirit, something every person, creative or not, should have and take advantage of. In all aspects of life, there is nothing more trying or telling than time and aging. Not only do they contribute to your ability (or lack thereof) to have the perspective to understand your purpose, then and now but they form your experiences, choices and decisions that make you an original copy.


Last, but certainly not least, is the epitome of chic, Miss. Jenna Lyons, J. Crews creative director and president. Whether she is attending the Knowles’ wedding or captured for her exceptional street-style game at fashion week, there is no denying her eye for style. These are all images of people and fashions that Lauren collected and utilized as inspiration for Pneu Moda.

‘What you’re meant to do’ – can be a very formidable opponent in the game of life. When people make the  choice to open their eyes, heart and mind, you’re standing at the threshold of your past and what’s destined to be.  If you become open to chance, opportunity and experience – without preconceived ideas, you’re allowing life to happen as it’s meant to.


The profound amount of research and creative energy put into this scene was driven by that same childlike spirit that pneuma embodies.This is too often mistaken for unsophistication or insignificance and here it’s so embraced and has both the look and feel of high style. This collection is presented with  hopes to define fashion in her own words: unprecedented yet meaningful and fashion-forward.It will really be a showcase of a ‘Pneu Moda Savoir Faire.’ This scene, alongside all of the other amazing collection in the show this year, are sure to provide both intrigue and enchantment. The opportunity has arrived to open your eyes in new ways with new fashion. Stay tuned for more on Pneu Moda, other scenes, show updates and more, we cannot wait to see you there!

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