A Sterling Example Of Craftsmanship



This year the GCC fashion program is celebrating 35 years of amazing fashion shows! Every year the event showcases the spectacular work done by the students in the program, but not once in 35 years, has there ever been an all jewelry scene in the fashion show. This year however, that all changes!I have the exciting opportunity to be able to be the first individual to have an all jewelry scene.


During the process for coming up with possible scenes for the fashion show, Professor Dudkowski had suggested an accessories scene and I thought that would be fun to do since it had never been done before. As the first semester progressed I thought about doing an all jewelry scene. In high school, I had taken many jewelry classes and I graduated with the idea of going to school for jewelry design after attending GCC. I also realized I needed help to produce 12 show worthy pieces and I decided to collaborate with Kendra Bush, a junior at RIT in their jewelry program. Kendra and I also attended high school together.




Our inspiration for the show was a body piece that was worn for Rochester Fashion Week. We went off the idea of body pieces and then just went for some fun variations. The scene is comprised of sterling, fine, and nickel silver, brass, and pearls. As we started designing we noticed that there was this evolution that happened with our pieces and that is where the scene name Fashion is… Evolution came from. Fashion has continuously evolved and jewelry has as well.


I can’t wait to be able to share our vision with you!

-Julia Bailey

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