Face to Face With Artist: Mathieu Crowley


I recently had the pleasure of interviewing GCC Digital Art student Mathieu Crowley. He is the artist responsible for the dazzling flyers for this year’s fashion show!

matt pic

Name: Mathieu J. Crowley
Born: November 27th, 1980 in Milwaukee Wisconsin
Currently resides in: Perry NY
Artistic Influences: Frank Frazetta, Luis Royo, Dorian Cleavenger, Brian Bollard
Hobbies: Drawing, Painting, Reading, Building Models, Collecting Swords
Favorite Books: Epic Fantasy and the works of H.P. Lovecraft
Favorite Movies: The Empire Strikes Back, James Bond, Batman (1989)


Mathieu majored in Digital Art because he believes that with the progression of technology, unless you are already established, you cannot make a living as a traditional artist. If given the choice he would prefer a pencil and a pad of paper over the click of a mouse, but the job market just isn’t there.

He hopes to become a graphic artist in advertising, and in fact was a former student of Fashion Business professor Rick Dudkowski. He took an advertising class with Professor Dudkowski, who raved about his abilities and marketing bravery. I asked Mathieu, if he could have his absolute “dream job”, what would it be? He replied that he would love to work for Marvel Comics, as it has been a formative influence, and he could pursue artistic projects he would be genuinely passionate about.

Doing work that he enjoys is crucial for him. He has the tendency to really work with his clients, communicating frequently, and desiring their input during the creative process. Mathieu finds it helpful to listen to music while he creates, as it really puts him in the proper mindset for a given project. The type of music varies with the subject matter of his art, for instance while designing our fashion show flyer he listened to smooth jazz.


Mathieu does take on commissions, but he stresses the need to know exactly what the client wants, so that he can then incorporate his own style. If you’re in need of a talented and dedicated artist, be it digital or traditional media, I can’t rec commend him enough.His passion and professionalism shine through in all that he does.Thank you again Mathieu for your tremendous work. The Fashion Business program is overjoyed to be represented by the beautiful artwork that you were kind enough to create for us.

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