The 15th Annual Student Poetry Contest


Smoky Eyes


Being fooled is okay,

because I’m used to it.

Empty eyes, red eyes.

I know I’m paranoid.

Being silent is okay

because of nothing else to say.

Empty eyes, red eyes.

I put on smoky eyes to hide.


Roses are bleeding,

and snow is stained.

Do you ever understand

how my heart is stabbed?

You asked me why

I smiled but also cried.

Rinsing off smoky eyes,

I thought I erased who I am.


I exhausted myself,

trying to get you held.

But you did not even

show a knowing smile.

You were courteous but firm,

so I had to leave by myself.

I cried with black tears,

but I left you a deserved smile.


Roses are still bleeding,

and snow is stained.

You never understand

my heart is stabbed.

You asked me why

I loved but I left.

Rinsing off smoky eyes,

but I never erased how I am.


This poem was my work in January. To write a poem is such a fantastic way to express your feelings. FYI: The Alfred C. O’Connell Library presents the 15th Annual Student Poetry Contest and the deadline is tomorrow!

  • Entrant must be a currently registered GCC student, and entries must be original works (limit of 3 entries per person).
  • Send poems by email (attach Word document or include video/audio file for spoken word entries) to: (Subject line: Student Poetry Contest; including name, major, and GCC email address)
  • Winning Poets will receive honors and awards at a ceremony on Thursday, April 14

To have great poets, there must be great audiences. Submit your poetry work and share with others! If you cannot be a poet, be a poem.

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