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I filled up my coffee mug, pulled out my favorite chair, watched the last of the sunset glow and wrote you this blog post. As the 35th annual Genesee Community College fashion show approaches there are so many emotions: pride, excitement, fear, joy, just to name a mere few. The theme this year, in particular, is apt to the definition that is the culture of the fashion industry itself: Fashion Is Well, what is it? To each and every individual fashion is something completely unique. It’s war, peace, happiness, depression, anger, love and a million things in between. Fashion wakes up with you in the morning and tucks you in caressingly at night. Fashion protects you from the elements and projects your character to the world. But what is fashion really? Does anyone know? Maybe there isn’t any “one”  right or wrong answer. Maybe fashion is just you. This year for the fashion show, as a sophomore fashion student, I have the honor of co-producing a scene with my best friend (Jessica Rush, also a fashion student sophomore) entitled “Culture”. To me and Jessica, fashion is the traditions that display themselves in the different garbs which represent cultures all over the world. But to you fashion may be something utterly different. On April 30th people from all over Western New York will gather together at GCC to define what fashion is to them. I think that is one of the most beautiful and inspiring things in the world, and I don’t think you want to miss it.

-Maggie Gabalski

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