Spring Break Is Coming!


After tomorrow, the spring break is really coming! Have you already planned out your spring break? To make this year’s spring break fantastic and memorable, here are some tips to stay safe, healthy, and organizing.

  • Have a plan

First, know what you need and what you want. Go on a trip? Keep company with family? Get some rest? Or catch up on homework? Think about what you need and schedule out a plan to follow. Make sure you’re not missing anything.

  • Watch your step

The most important thing is your safety. There might be some fun but high-risk activities out there. Think one more time before making a decision about to do or not.

  • Protect yourself from the sun

Getting a little sunshine can bring a lot of benefits, but staying under the sun too much can also cause some problems. If you’re going on a beach or outside for a day, it’ll be always better to wear sunscreen all the time to protect your skin. You can also wear sunglasses for protecting your eyes.

  • Be active

You’ve probably been sitting in front of books and computers so much for school. It is time for you to get some exercise and relax your body. As the weather is getting much warmer, going hiking, walking, or swimming sounds like a good idea.

  • Eat healthy

Do some exercise, and also eat healthy. Because of college life, you’ve been probably not eating healthy. Now it’s the time to think about eating and have a variety of foods. Good nutrition should be a part of healthy lifestyle.

  • Do not forget about college

This is what I really want to say – don’t forget you’re still enrolled at college. Some students forget about college totally and give up on classes after spring break. Think about this spring break as a new beginning to make this semester better. Catch up on your missed homework and work ahead to make the future easier. If you think you’re failing one class, go to talk to the professor after spring break and see what you can do. Use this time as a physical and a mental break. Have fun, but also incorporate work that will go toward your future study and career.

Relax, refresh, and renew.

Have a nice break!


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