How to celebrate the New Year in China



As 2015 comes to an end we all gather together to celebrate the birth of 2016, with families and friends gathering to celebrate and watch the ball drop. All around the world different countries ring in the New Year differently. Here’s some information from Bella about how people celebrate the New Year in China.

-Jordan Reese


In Hong Kong


In Beijing


In Shanghai

In order to protect the environment, fireworks are not allowed all the time. The government will set the fireworks for the New Year, and people are allowed to use fireworks during the period, which is half a month before the Chinese New Year and half a month after the Chinese New Year. But people can watch a lot of beautiful fireworks by the government and many big companies allowed.


CCTV 1 New Year’s Gala for the Chinese New Year


CCTV 1 New Year’s Concert for the New Year

The New Year’s Gala for the Chinese New Year is so important that everyone in China watches it every year. Also, for the New Year, CCTV 1 also does a very good concert every year. It is a live show with a lot of famous singers. People usually have dinner during the concert time.


Then, the final important thing is the dinner! Chinese people do a lot of dinners for every holiday, so children are always most excited for the food!

This is the last blog this year. I’ll see you next semester. Happy New Year, everyone! Enjoy your holidays!

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