Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2015


Let’s be honest, the annual VS fashion show is kinda like The Superbowl of the fashion world. It’s full of glitz, glam, and celebrity performances. GCC’s Fashion Program has a special tie to Victoria’s Secret, as several program alumni found employment with the company. These alumni include: Melissa Mclasky who works as a store manager for the VS Plainview NY location, Courtney Wrobel employed as a VS sales associate, and Jessica Coyle who is also a sales associate. The company has also been kind enough to lend us their products for incorporation in our annual fashion shows, in years past.


Selena Gomez dazzled in this gorgeous dream dress.I don’t even want to think about how much it costs… T_T


Ellie Goulding wore a stunning piece by Fausto Puglisi. Again, I shudder to think of the price tag… The Weekend (who is currently dating VS model Gigi Hadid’s sister) also performed.


Okay, now on to the famous Angels! Here’s a few of the top looks (in my opinion) from the show!










And of course…the show stealing finale look! The 2 million dollar bra! Completely decked out in thousands of precious jewels, this piece was meant to be reminiscent of a firework, and it SPARKLED baby! Those amazing light-up wings further added to the effect.


In case you missed it, the whole show can be viewed all year long on the official Victoria’s Secret website!


Well, that about wraps it up. Victoria’s Secret has been good to the fashion students of GCC, and I think that they are a truly phenomenal company. I’d love to utilize some of their pieces for a show in the future. What were some of your favorite looks? Feel free to comment!


Wishing you all an ANGELIC winter vacation!


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