A Brownie Surprise!



This blog post was written by the spectacular, Katelyn Trowse.

On Friday December, 4th 2015, the Advertising class that Professor Mr. Dudkowski teaches had quite a scrumptious surprise for their last day. John Sherman, a brilliant and hardworking student at Genesee Community College surprised his entire class with a Hershey’s Hot Chocolate Brownie Holiday Special from Pizza Hut. Also, he went above and beyond setting up drinks, cups, plates, forks, and special coupons specifically for the amazing food and desserts Pizza Hut has to offer. It was phenomenal and everyone was thrilled! Not only is John a student, but he is also the manager at Pizza Hut in Batavia, NY. Todd Fanron who is the general manager, was kind enough to make a special delivery of the goodies before class even started that morning. In conclusion, Mr. Dudkoswki and the entire Advertising class wanted to give a huge thank you and shout-out to John Sherman, Todd Fanron and of course Pizza Hut, for making their last class memorable.


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