My Visit To Rolling Hills Asylum


Okay, a couple of weeks ago I was brave/foolish enough to visit Rolling Hills Asylum in East Bethany NY with some friends. It was SO much fun! Of course, channeling my inner ghost adventurer I went with an all black OOTD, because seriously what else would one wear when confronting the paranormal??!


“Located between Buffalo and Rochester, Rolling Hills Asylum‘s enormous 53,000+ sq. ft. brick building sits on a knoll in the hamlet of E. Bethany, N.Y. and has been a popular destination for ghost hunters for many years. Opened on January 1, 1827 and originally named The Genesee County Poor Farm, it was created by Genesee County to house those eligible for assistance including paupers, habitual drunkards, lunatics, the blind, lame or otherwise handicapped, orphans, widows, vagrants, and even a murderer or two.”

The location also became a nursing home, and even served as a Tuberculosis hospital. Yeah, this place has been just about everything that could potentially be horrifically haunted….

Rolling Hills Asylum, in all its eerie glory.image

Don’t worry! We went in prepared, with some heavy duty Good Vibes spray from Crystal Cactus!


My favorite room in the asylum is definitely that of Roy Crouse. Roy is a seven-foot tall “shadow man” and everybody’s favorite apparition at RHA. The poor man suffered from gigantism, which messes with the growth hormones. He lived out his life in Rolling Hills, after he was abandoned there because his prominent family considered him an embarrassment,  and died in 1942, almost seven and a half feet tall at the age of 52.image

The room contains a large bookcase because Roy prided himself on his cultivated intellect and taste, and loved to read.


Now…. on to supernatural evidence we captured!!


Ok, in this one there is LITERALLY an ORB in HER HAIR?!?!


All of these pictures are completely unedited. In fact, we didn’t even look through them until after leaving the asylum.


This is a picture of my friend Jenna reading the bedtime book “Goodnight Moon” out loud in a classroom within Rolling Hills. Just after I took this photo, the book flew out of her hands!! After that, she DID NOT want to go back to that room.


When we did go back, however, this radio literally turned on by itself and started playing creepy talk radio laced with static.


Now, in case you didn’t know, for a while Rolling Hills used to be operated as a craft and antiques store called Carriage Village. During this time it actually functioned as a “cute” Christmas attraction for families. Yeah, small children actually went inside and posed with Santa…creepy right?? Guess what, I was one of those children! Way back in the early 90’s, when my mom had absolutely no clue what the place was. So yeah, I was a Rolling Hills Asylum veteran. On that happy note, Happy Holidays everyone!!! Super pumped for Christmas!


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