Winter Courses at G.C.C.


Genesee Community College is offering 13 courses for students to take over the winter. The courses are all online and vary in subject from Business Communications (BUS 106-66) to History of Rock and Roll: Blues and Beyond (MUS 203-66).

The Winterim term begins December 14th, which is 3 days after the last day of Fall classes. It lasts for 3 weeks and 4 days, ending on January 8th; eleven days before the first day of Spring classes.

ENG 101-66 : College Composition

mood-writingEnglish 101, a required course for graduation. Be prepared to do a lot of reading and reflective writing. If you haven’t taken this course yet, you have the opportunity to take it over the winter break.

HIS 105-66 : Western Tradition 2

This is actually a course I’m taking right now. In this class youfranklin can expect to learn about European and American history. Some historical periods we’ve covered in class were the Reformation, the Glorious Revolution, the Enlightenment, the Great Awakening, and the American Revolution. We’re covering the French Revolution now. I find it to be an interesting and enlightening course and you take it over the winter if you’d like.

CIN 242-66 : Female Role in Film

2381-anne-hathaway-widescreenIf you need to fulfill a humanities credit, this course is an option for you. Students will study film from the 1920’s to present day. Analyzing how women have been depicted in film, and how that depiction has changed over time. Sounds interesting!

MUS 203-66 : History of Rock and Roll: Blues & Beyond
When I read this course title I hear the guitar part to “Carry on RedElectricGuitarMy Wayward Son” by Kansas. I know it’s way before my time, but Rock Band featured it their video game! This course sound engaging and delightful. It fulfills a humanities credit as well.

MET-101-66 : Introduction to Meteorology

Are you interested in tornadoes and thunder storms? Taking this class will teach you how the weather works. If your in love with p18026_p_v8_abnatural phenomena, or aspire to be a weather man or woman, you can take this course over the Winterim term.

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