Korean Beauty Secrets


At long last I finally hold in my hands, Korean Beauty Secrets: A Practical Guide To Cutting-Edge Skincare and Makeup! This K-beauty bible is the combined work of fabulous skincare bloggers, Kerry Thompson (Skin&Tonics), and Coco Park (TheBeautyWolf.) I feel as though I’m holding gold.This book is the perfect gateway into complete and total submersion in the trendsetting culture of Korean beauty.


“Western cosmetic companies have been looking to Asia for product inspiration for years. The most obvious example of this is in BB creams, which took the North American market by storm in 2012. BB creams had already been a staple in the Korean market since 2005, and enjoyed soaring popularity thanks to the numerous celebrity endorsements they received. Since the rise of BB cream, Korean beauty products have received increasingly more visibility in Western media, and there are more people than ever embracing the skincare and makeup offerings brought to us from South Korea. It’s not hard to understand why: there is a lot to love about them.” -Kerry & Coco


The book is separated into easy to navigate sections: Korean Beauty Culture, Korean Skincare, Korean Makeup, and Additional Resources. Each of these sections contains multiple subcategories, so you know just where to look to quickly find the information you’re searching for. Everything is broken down by skin type, skin concerns, and skin pigmentation,so identifying which products and regimens are suited to you, is a breeze!

I bet some of you didn’t know that snail secretion, and horse oil can do wonders for your skin. Don’t believe me? Well read the book and find out!oimg_GC07823427_CA07823542

This book even includes example skincare routines from some top Korean beauty bloggers! They give invaluable insight into which products are their favorites, and why you should love them too!

Including a section on how to achieve different popular makeup looks was such a great touch as well! From Aegyo Sal, to gradient lips, Kerry and Coco provide a user friendly tutorial on it all.Etude-080315

This book was everything I had hoped for and more, and WELL worth the wait! From beginners to K-beauty veterans, this book provides useful content for all.

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