Signs You Might Have Missed Around GCC


With all the hustle and bustle you might have just cruised on by some very important information! The college is packed full of bulletin boards and flyers advertising everything from club meetings, sports tryouts, and new classes and seminars! So stop and take a look around! You certainly don’t want to miss out on the activity of your dreams, just because you didn’t see the sign. I snapped some pictures of a few very valuable signs around the campus, but there’s lots more where these came from!

Open Mic Night, feeling daring??imageHistorical Horizons: A Fall 2015 Lecture Series. imageAnybody want to be pitch perfect? 😉imageYou just can’t beat learning, AND pizza!imageGrammar & Paragraph Mastery could be an amazing class for anyone struggling with college level writing practices.imageThe opportunity to work for a real radio station?!? That’s amazing!!image

Now you know some of the great opportunities you might have missed just strolling around the campus. What are you waiting for, go check them out! You won’t regret it!

*Just a side note, how adorable is this lovely fairy house?!


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