G.C.C. in N.Y.C.


Hello everyone! Are you ready for summer to be over? Ready for students to come back to school? For the long lines, sound of feet stomping through the halls, lunch time mayhem, and *ahem* the cold? 

Well ready or not, here the 2015 Fall semester comes! Speaking of new students, G.C.C.’s admission representatives were in NYC last week. _MG_0896They helped to prepare students by providing them close-to-home access to the COMPASS test and by enrolling them into classes. The team consisted of Ebony Ross, admission specialist, Katie, and Terry George, academic adviser and basketball coach. I was invited to join them as a student representative from The City, and I gladly accepted.

We drove out that Monday morning (8/3/2015), arrived that night, and began Tuesday morning. Working out of The S.U.N.Y. Welcome Center, located at 33 W 42nd St, we helped to register 16 students until Thursday afternoon.

The view from our office window.

The view from our office window.

Another view.

Another view

Overlooking Bryant Park's free summer concert.

Overlooking Bryant Park’s free summer concert.

It was nice to meet some of my new peers. A lot of them were from the Bronx like me, but there were students from all over the _MG_0880city, and even Mount Vernon. I talked to students about the clubs and sports here at G.C.C., and about the programs and shopping trips at C.V. (College Village). Some of the young adults we spoke to are planning to travel to Batavia  by themselves, so our team gave them a lot of information about their options, but told them to primarily depend on the Greyhound/Trailways _MG_0954bus service. Amtrack might be a more comfortable ride, and the Megabus could be as cheap as $10 a ticket (depending on how far in advance you buy it), but these services do not make a stop in Batavia. Students depending on anything other than Greyhound or Trailways would have to be picked up in either Rochester or Buffalo and brought here. Maybe one day this will change.

I took tons of pictures from my trip, and even shot a time lapse of Manhattan traffic from the the 18th floor of the Welcome Center. Being in my concrete jungle for a few days was very enjoyable. There are some things that you will see in no other place than New York City.

Until next time!

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