Consignment Shop Fun


Over the weekend I was fortunate enough to travel to Williamsville New York with my mother, my father, and my grandmother and aunt who are visiting from Arkansas. Now there’s nothing my mother and grandmother love more than making their rounds at local consignment shops and flea markets. Two of their favorite stores are Quality Consignment Furnishings and 2 Good 2 Be Threw, both located in the same plaza on Main Street in Williamsville (coincidentally).


8581 Main St, Williamsville, NY

There they go, mum and grandma ready to shop!image


8619 Main St, Williamsville, NY 

She’s moving on to the next store!


Quality Consignment Furnishings, as you might guess, sells beautiful antique furniture. They also tend to have a lot of paintings, jewelry, and glassware.

imageimageimageimageThis was the absolute coolest thing in the whole store to me! A matching earring and necklace set made of genuine bone!! I really wanted it, but it was just a tad outside my budget…image

2 Good 2 Be Threw has some furniture as well, but they specialize in clothing. They also always have a wall of purses, and lots of jewelry as well.

imageClothes, clothes, everywhere, even hanging from the ceiling!imageimageimageThey even have a cute little kids section. Where I tend to get a lot of clothes from… Hey, it fits me, and it’s CUTE!

imageFurniture! Can you spot the not-so-hidden Betty Boop?image

Both of these stores are excellent for college students looking to score some name brand clothing without the expense that comes with it, or those looking for clothing items and accessories to utilize for alternative fashions. I know I’ve found a lot of really great Lolita style blouses at 2 Good 2 Be Threw. You can find some really beautiful paintings, or cute ceramic pieces to decorate your dorm (if you live in one). It’s also a great place to shop for gifts, especially since the holidays are coming up…

As an added bonus, both of these stores are extremely close to Dash’s Supermarket, which has a to die for bakery and sushi section!!!

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