My Trip to Hammergirl Anime!


It was a day like any other. Four bored college students (and one bored Middle Schooler) drifted about Rochester with nothing to do. But that all changed when they entered the magical realm of Hammergirl Anime!


376 Jefferson Road Jefferson Plaza Rochester, NY

376 Jefferson Road
Jefferson Plaza
Rochester, NY

This store is what dreams are made of. It’s a vast sea of colorful toys, candy, manga, and anime, and I never wanted to leave. Good thing it’s only about 40 minutes from the college campus, so I can return again and again. I went there with my husband, my sister, my brother-in-law, and my younger cousin, and it kept us all entertained for hours. They say a picture speaks a thousand words, so just take a look!

imageimageKeychains, keychains, and even more keychains!


A whole wall of adorable plushie goodness! I wanted to bring every last one of them home!!

Mystery figure capsules. Oh the suspense…

Just about every manga series  you could ever wish for.imageThey even had my favorite series!!! Alice in the Country of Hearts! Big surprise, it’s Alice in Wonderland themed…..
imageTons and tons of blind box figures! Gotta Catch Em’ All!imageThey had a pretty decent anime DVD selection as well.

imageLast but not least, more plushies!

I literally couldn’t figure out what to spend my money on. There was just too much amazing stuff that I wanted! I must have gone back and forth a million times before settling on the items I actually bought.


This super cute Nozomi figure, from the show Love Live! School Idol Project. She’s my favorite character, and I had been wanting a figure of her for a while.


All three volumes of  Suki: A Like Story, for only $14!! This has been one of my favorite series ever since I was in Middle School, and it’s very very hard to find. It wasn’t extremely popular, and never got an anime, so I was blown away when I spotted it on the shelf! It really made my whole month!image

How cute is this little keychain? It’s actually a lot bigger than I expected, and it’s squishy! This keychain is from the series Diabolik Lovers, and it’s not actually the one I wanted, but it’s a close second. They come in sealed mystery boxes, so you’re never sure what character you are actually getting. I had my sister pick one randomly, and she did pretty good. 73e87d57f8cdae3c1e372c62ba6d1fd4_480

This was the character I was after.

My sister and cousin bought only candy, candy, and more candy, while my brother-in-law bought 99% candy, and 1% book. It was a really gorgeous book, featuring all of the art from one of his favorite video game series Ys.


My husband and I also decided to each pick up a Weiss Schwarz card game deck, so that we could play against each other. Hammergirl had a great variety to choose from, as well as all of the Booster packs that let you add additional cards to the game. I chose a Love Live! deck, while he went with an Attack On Titan themed deck, one of our favorite shows.


The game is really a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to add more cards to my collection! Next visit!

The store also has a great website, where you can order a lot of very reasonably priced merchandise. There is continual anime showing in their “hang-out area”, and they even have some fun arcade games to try such as, Initial D Version 4, Meltyblood, and Deathsmiles. They also have Weiss Schwarz tournaments every Saturday at 2:00 PM,(just in case you’re looking for a new hobby) along with a variety of other game tournaments. So go check out this great store, you won’t regret it!

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