Disney’s Descendants is Bewitching


As previously established, I am a humongous Disney nerd. therefore over the past few months I had been counting down the days until the Disney Channel original movie Descendants premiered (as had the rest of my family). Well, it finally came out on July 31st, and I assure you I am not lying when I say that since then I have watched it five times. I am in love with this movie, and I think you should be too!

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The Descendants premiere enchanted 6.6 million viewers, making it the year’s most-watched cable TV movie. The soundtrack for the movie is currently No. 1 on the iTunes soundtrack chart, and No. 2 on the album chart. Descendants also has a prequel novel (which I am currently devouring) called The Isle of the Lost, which is maintaining its 10-week reign as No. 1 on the New York Times Best Seller List (Children’s Middle Grade).

Author Melissa de la Cruz, left, and Dove Cameron, star of the Disney Channel original series

Author Melissa de la Cruz, and Dove Cameron

There are 101 reasons to like this film, but here’s 5 just to get you started:


You’ll recognize the cast: This film stars Kristin Chenoweth as Maleficent. Yeah, that’s right, Broadway superstar, Kristin Chenoweth!? It also stars Dove Cameron, my favorite Disney Channel talent, along with Cameron Boyce (Luke from the show Jessie), as well as Booboo Stewart from the Twilight saga.

The music: The music is awesome! My sister downloaded the soundtrack immediately, and now we can’t go a day without cycling through it. Trust me, once you watch Descendants, you will not be able to stop singing!

The costumes are to die for: They are edgy and colorful, and were designed by Project Runway and America’s Best Dance Crew’s Kara Saun. She went with a Dirty Candy (villains) versus Cotton Candy (heroes), design theme, and needless to say she nailed it!

Disney villains: Just let me repeat, DISNEY VILLAINS. I think that says it all.

Empowering themes: You don’t have to be your parents. Shocking, but true. You also get the right to choose. The descendants of the classic Disney villains in this film seem to have their futures set in stone from the moment they’re born, but that’s not true for anyone. We all have the ability to choose our own fate no matter the amount of pressure coming at us from every direction. You don’t have to be what everyone constantly keeps telling you you are, you don’t have to be your parents, all you have to be is you, whatever that means in your heart.

Okay, so now that I’ve won you over to team Descendants *wink*wink, let’s talk about fashion! Descendants inspired fashion to be exact. Kohl’s recently released a whole Descendants themed clothing collection, and as I have access to a local Kohl’s, I rushed right over!


Just look at how cute this tag is! Evie and Mal!


My sister loves these purple Mal shoes!

However these Evie high tops are my favorite!!

I will return, for this Evie inspired moto-jacket, and leggings!!

Evie is my absolute favorite Descendants character after all.


Just look at this cute Evie necklace!

Also definitely worth noting, Descendants dolls! They are gorgeous, they are affordable, and they are available at major retailers like Walmart, Toys R Us, and Target. I know what’s going on my Christmas List…


There’s at least one doll for every major character, and as the series continues I’m sure there will be more and more!

My sister identified with Mal (Maleficent’s daughter) just as strongly as I identified with Evie (daughter of the Evil Queen), which made this movie something that we could really bond over. I even convinced her to hold still so I could take a picture of our coordinated Descendants style.


Yes, this movie did inspire her to dye her hair purple, and me to add a blue tint to my hair.

I hope you liked this post, and I really really hope you’ll like Descendants!


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