A Great New Game Store


Just the other day my family had a big gathering at my grandmother’s house in Batavia. A big gathering meant that I had to go gather lots of pizza. We decided to go with Dominos, as it was close by, but when I went to pick up the order I received an incredible surprise! A new board game store had moved in right next door to the restaurant!

563 East Main St. Batavia, NY

     563 East Main St.
  Batavia, NY

The name of the store is The Game Cave, and according to their website they offer many different board games, trading card games, and RPGs, along with accessories for all your gaming needs. Different special events are held daily for various games, and walk-in playgroups are always welcome to use play space free of charge.


They also offer an exciting new program called the Cave Crate! If you sign up for this monthly renewing subscription, once a month you will receive a box containing a minimum of three assorted Magic: The Gathering Boosters. You also have a chance of getting dice, a deckbox, sleeves, or even special game related artwork and handmade items from local artists. The subscription costs about $40 per crate (including shipping), and each crate contains a minimum of $50 worth of product. If you play Magic: The Gathering this is an excellent bargain, and a great way to support a local shop. I personally don’t play this game, but I know that it is immensely popular, and it’s never too late to start.

An example crate

An example crate

The store is still growing, but it already contains a wide array of trading cards and a healthy selection of board games to choose from. Every time I enter The Game Cave there’s always an exuberant group of game enthusiasts happily taking a new game for a test drive, or busting out an old favorite. The atmosphere of the store is homey and welcoming, and I have always found the staff very attentive and knowledgeable. If you’re looking for something new to do in Batavia, or for an exciting family-friendly activity, look no further than The Game Cave.

image image9

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