POEM: A Few Words


This summer I’m taking ENG 105. In this class Professor Toni Boyd is having us study writings about expressions of the human experience. In one of our assignments we were asked to write about what being human meant to us and how it related to art. I submitted this poem and I would like to share with you.

A Few Words

By Iesha DeLesline

regular people-004

Flawed, sick, tired and broken

Striving, succeeding, failing and reviving

Eating, living, digesting and growing

Learning, studying, adopting and forsaking

Going, coming, working and resting

Seeing, admiring, taking and replacing

Dreaming, flying, landing and still dreaming

Seeking, finding, believing and reflecting

Loving, hurting, healing and loving

Praying, waiting, noticing and thanking

Working, sweating, sowing and reaping

Kindness, generosity, doing unto others and being done unto

Oppressing, greed, doing unto others and being done unto

Strategizing, foreseeing, conquering and winning

Listening, accepting, trusting and jumping

Perfected, healed, purposed and whole

regular people-002

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