Time to Catch Up


Check it out! Student Blogger Dani has just begun her study abroad experience in Korea!

Sights and Scribbles

There is so much to catch up on! By the time I get home at night, I head straight for my bed! I’ll break it up by day.

Tuesday: One of my new friends had the good fortune to be able to celebrate her birthday during her time here at KNU! Her Korean “buddy” posted a message on the group Facebook and many people from the program showed up! Once everyone was assembled we walked out the North Gate of the campus and agreed to have dinner at an Italian style restaurant of all places! The food was really good, and we made up for straying from Korean culture by migrating to a traditional Korean bar. It was so wonderful! The building was beautiful and all the tables were very low to the ground, so that you had to sit on cushions on the floor instead of chairs. Ha Young…

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