Aaaaaaaand….. We’re off!


I have chosen to become an online student so I can travel while getting my degree. I wrapped up a good chunk of the summer semester, and it was also my first time being an online student.

I have started my journey from New York to Texas. Currently, my border collie, Armani and I are living in a town outside of Houston for a few weeks. Its really great, the other day I went to the NASA space exploration station and watched the sun rise over the Earth from the ISS control room. Amazing.

So far, I have been doing great in my classes. I have decided to take it easy for my first semester with only three classes instead of four, that I will be doing next semester… get the feeling for things before I make the load a bit heavier. Meteorology, Career Planning, and Anthropology are the classes I’m taking. I would like to transfer into an Anthropology program after I earn my AA. Personally, I really enjoy natural sciences, so I really enjoy these classes.

Some people have a hard time with attending college online, but so far I haven’t had any problem with procrastination… but I don’t want to speak too soon! I hope that once I get traveling, I can continue my schedule I am on, but, I also get the ability to study and read my books poolside with the birdies chirping  all around me. I study, find a nice place to take a quick break, dive into the blue water, and continue studying under an oversized umbrella. Yes please! I also have the ability to sleep in, and take a nap whenever I feel tired… that is a beautiful thing in life.

I will be leaving from Texas to Utah by the end of the week with Armani. My sister lives by the famous Arches National Park in Moab, so I am making some visits before I head off to Asia. My plan is to take the two years and backpack all around Asia. Sri Lanka, The Moldives, India, perhaps Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and a few other places. The journey to the first stop, Sri Lanka will be in late July. I have been there before for a few months. I traveled around the island for a month but loved it so much, I found a job at a very funky and artsy hookah lounge/hostel/restaurant called the Pink Elephant. It was right across a very beautiful beach in the village of Unawatuna on the southwestern coast. I immediately fell in love with the lifestyle of the beach life in a 3rd world country. Obviously there are the pros and cons but for me, it is totally worth it to continue chasing the backpackers lifestyle for a few years.

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