Back to Reality


Over the past weekend, the largest fashion show in Western New York took place right at Genesee Community College. The four months of extremely hard work that so many students had put into Ethereal was wrapped up in a single day. As the weekend festivities come to a close and the new week starts, the Fashion Show Production students who created the show came back to their 9 am class to discuss and evaluate all aspects of Saturday, the day of the shows. Collectively, we have all heard such positive things about the shows. We’ve learned that some attendees even wanted to purchase garments made for the show! photo-1
Aside from the fashion aspect of Ethereal, the after party in the Cafeteria was also an amazing accomplishment. Professor Amy Slusser who is the Faculty Advisor for Tourism and Hospitality Management is the head of the after party in the Cafeteria and works one-on-one with the fashion students to make the annual fashion show as successful as possible. This morning in class, Professor Slusser visited the fashion students along with Professor Dudkowski to reflect on the weekends fashion bash. “The cohesive plan throughout the entire semester made it easier to keep with the plans for the party” was just one of the many encouraging words from Professor Slusser. The theme for the show was decided in the fall semester of this academic school year and has stayed constant throughout the spring semester. photo-3
I think the transition from the runway to the after party was so smooth because of the similar elements in both rooms. The cream canopy overlay was similar in color and draping style to the table cloth that covered the tables in the cafeteria. Bringing in outside floral elements and moss in for both the end of the runway and the unicorn kept the consistency of the theme throughout. Also, the décor of both the runway and the cafeteria fit the idea of “Ethereal”. Overall, I think the Ethereal, the 33rd Annual Fashion Show was a great success. The cohesive plan that started in the forum and ended in the Cafeteria really was a transformation into a new world. The work between all of the students who contributed in the production of the show did an amazing job.

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