Never Would Have Made It


Where I am now is a far cry from where I began.  I grew up in the inner city of Buffalo, NY and my childhood was far from normal or peaceful.  At an early age I was thrust into a life of crime and drugs.  I am now 43 years old and after years of trials and tribulations, I see that my life’s events happened for a reason and in the sequence they were supposed to occur.

“Never Would Have Made It” by Pastor Marvin Sapp from Grand Rapids, Michigan crossed my path.  I was shown that there was a power greater than myself that was with me.  At this time is when I knew my negative circumstances could be turned into positive changes.  This song embodies my experiences of who I am, where I was and where I am going as a man, a father, and a human being.  Now here I am at GCC, finally using my energy to improve my future.

Up until three years ago I saw nothing but adversity.  I felt overwhelmed and out of control.  My life seemed to be in a constant downward spiral. My parents passed away and I dropped out of high school.  Often times I was homeless and hungry and this was the catalyst that turned me to a life of crime and drugs.  I have been incarcerated several times and have dealt with other judicial agencies.

When I first heard the song “Never Would of Made It” I was intrigued and inspired.  Changing my life did not happen overnight but slowly I began to examine all aspects of my life and see that those crippling events were in actuality strengthening me in mind, body and soul.  Some of the song lyrics that stand out for me are “I made it through my storm and my test because You were there to carry me through my mess”, “When I look back over all you brought me through I can see that you were the one I held on to” and “I would’ve lost my mind a long time ago if it had not been for You, I am stronger, I am wiser, I am better, much better”.

I do not believe in coincidences or luck. I was meant to endure my earlier experiences in order to bring me to a place where I can now appreciate what I am doing and what I have.  I can stand here and say I made it, and therefore anybody who is faced with adversity can overcome with determination and achieve life’s abundance of blessings.  For me, I never would have made it had I not believed in something larger than myself and persevered through what I did deem as negatives but in reality were positives in disguise.  Because of my tenacity and efforts I am now at GCC studying with enthusiasm in hopes of bettering my life and the lives of others.

-Bernard Evans

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