Yeah, I was Nervous.


When I first thought about applying to college, the thought was terrifying. Going to a new place and not knowing anyone can be quite overwhelming. I was nervous about everything that you could possibly think of; I thought about it and worried incessantly.

I was so nervous that I was not going to be able to handle anything in college, my classes and the people in them. I was worried about the work and not getting it done on time, since a lot of the homework is all online. I was nervous about not getting to classes on time, because in a few of my classes attendance is part of your overall grade. I think I was most nervous about people and feeling out of place.

As soon as the semester started and I got through my first day, I was less nervous about coming to class and getting all of my work done. People do and will always make me nervous but as the semester goes on, I have high hopes that I will get used to it and make friends. If I just do me then everything will be alright.

– Kristen Schwab

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