Presidential Presentation on Economic Growth


This blog post contributed byNicolette Suozzi, Tourism & Hospitality Management Major

Last Wednesday, Mr. Chris Suozzi—Vice President at Genesee County Economic Development Center (GCEDC)—gave a presentation for Mr. Dudkowski’s Professional Sales class. He talked all about what his work entails and shared with us some details from the latest projects he and his office are promoting for the county. Mr. Suozzi presented our class with a professional PowerPoint, to give us a visual on what Genesee County has to offer, and how it is getting bigger and better every year.


From left: Chris Suozzi and Professional Sales student Michael Mason

In 2011, Mr. Suozzi and his team convinced a Colombian yogurt company, called Alpina, to build in the Agribusiness Park here in Batavia, NY. This was a major accomplishment because this company could have based their business anywhere in the US; they chose Western New York because of our ideal location, and the availability of resources needed to jump-start their business.

The following year, the Agribusiness Park added another huge company—the biggest yet—to its lands: Muller Quaker Dairy, a joint venture between US-based PepsiCo and German company, Theo Muller. Again, we had the best “Shovel-ready” site available, and an unbeatable location for fresh dairy products. If you haven’t tasted their yogurt yet, you’re missing out!

 Mr. Suozzi and his team aren’t done yet; there is still so much in store for the future. The STAMP project is expected to be a huge success.  If a computer chip manufacturing plant lands it will bring thousands of potential jobs to Genesee County. As more jobs are created throughout the area, support for businesses grows.

Mr. Suozzi and his team at GCEDC put their hearts and minds into promoting our county and all it has to offer—in areas related to money, tax breaks, or jobs—you name it! We cannot wait to see what other projects companies have to offer Genesee County, and what else GCEDC has up their sleeves. A big thank you to Chris Suozzi for his outstanding presentation; we know we’ll be seeing you soon!

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