Imagine having an image of a high fashion garment in your mind, and seeing that same creation walking down the runway in Western New York’s largest fashion show. With Genesee Community College’s fashion programs, this dream is my reality. Since this is my sophomore year in the fashion design program, I have the ability to create a complete look, from sketchpad to runway.


This year, the 33rd Annual Fashion Show is entitled “Ethereal”; meaning too perfect to be in this world. Think heavenly gates meets the secret garden. For my scene, I wanted to keep with the theme of a mysterious garden, but also keep it ready-to-wear. With the help of beautiful models, I will be taking used clothes from Goodwill, Salvation Army, and even my own closet and giving them a new life.With my own twist added to the torn apart garments, I will be creating my own Spring line for my scene: Revival.


The scene will begin with ready-to-wear. More traditional clothes but with a combination of styles and patterns. Along with conventional materials, there will also be some uncommon additions to the clothing. As each model enters and exits the runway, the complete look will intensify – becoming more divine.

Working up to the final models, the overall scene will be fully ethereal. Hair and makeup will reflect the style and fabric of the garments to create brand new look.


Want to experience these one-of-a-kind fashions? Come toGenesee Community College, Saturday April, 26th 2014 at 3pm or 7pm. Whether you’re a high school student, grandparent, freshman, or senior, male or female, there is something for everyone. Remember, this is one day only. Get ready for Ethereal.

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