Gary Glaser – More Than Just a Bio Professor!


Although he works as a Biology professor here at GCC, Gary Glaser enjoys spending time with his camera and reinventing his business – Glaser Studios.


Gary Glaser is a very talented photographer who has managed to find the balance between his work at GCC and passion for the art of photography. He has become involved in the Western New York community, working at events such as the  Mercedes Benz Buffalo Fashion Show, 2013 FAME Fashion Show, Gatsby Buffalo to Benefit Summit Foundation, and helping out at GCC by photographing the annual fashion show as well as our visit from Project Runway winner Anya Ayoung-Chee. 1075713_692665084092323_2122781401_n

He is currently renewing his business with a name change from Glaser Photography to Glaser Studios, which is no easy task, especially with the responsibilities as a professor! He has been working hard to recreate his website, as well as his Facebook page – now featuring a photo package giveaway!

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