A Visit from Verizon Wireless


Blog submitted by Kevin Bucki

 On Friday November 8th two representatives from Verizon Wireless, Mr. Jon Spencer and Ms. Cindy Carpenter visited Mr. Dudkowski’s 8 am Professional Sales class. They spoke about cell phone apps that can be used for school and work in addition to discussing and coaching students on how to respond to job interview questions. They also invited students to Verizon’s 1st annual Networking Event on Tuesday, November 19th from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Verizon Call Center at 133 Calkins Road, Rochester, NY.

 Jon and Cindy explained that most cell phone apps can be found at both the App store for Apple and on the Android market. Some of the apps are free or cost only one or two dollars. They said that some of the apps can store data on a cloud system. The best apps include: PenUltimate, PenSupremacy, NoteAbility, DictaDroid, Kno TextBooks, NCRT, Pages, KingSoft, KeyNote, iTunes Univesity, TED Talks, Power Point Open Office Remote, SimpleMind, Mind Canvas, PocketPoll and Anywhere Survey.

 Some of the different kinds of apps that were talked about would help with note-taking, recorder, online learning, document editing to name a few. Most note-taking apps let you draw diagrams that can help you with notes. Recorder apps let you play back lectures that can help you improve your notes and get more content. Document apps let you edit document and PDF files right on your mobile device. Brainstorming apps let you send your idea to other people and get feedback on what others think on your idea.


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