Insights from Adult Students – Donna Williams


“When I was laid off in November 2012, the last thing I had considered was going back to school. At 56, I felt that I was too old and unprepared for the demands of a college degree.  After speaking to my daughter (who is also a student) I realized that going back to school was the best way to update my skills and make myself competitive in today’s job market.  Being a machinist for over 30 years has taken a physical toll on me and without a degree I have been unable to secure a supervisor role that pays a livable wage.  I finally decided to enroll and devote myself to earning an A.A.S. in Business Administration. Soon I realized that there were others at GCC just like me. They shared the same fears and the same doubts. All of the staff has been very helpful in helping me through this difficult time. This semester I had the pleasure of being in Mr. Dudkowski’s Advertising class. He inspired me to write this blog about my experience here at GCC. One of my classmates, Robin, is also older and returning to school to advance her career. She is busy not only with school, but also building a house, her artwork and tending to her small farm. If we can do it anybody can! Now that I am in school I am hearing about other careers that I can apply for after I earn my degree and I am hearing about them from teachers who have real-world experience in those positions. The teachers at GCC bring their own experiences to the classroom.  It is not about just teaching us what is in the textbooks.  I am in my third semester and I am proud to say that I am earning A’s. I am on track to graduate in December of 2014 and I have come to learn that going to college is not just for younger students anymore. Thank you GCC for helping me to realize my full potential!”

Donna has 2 children, Michelle. who is GCC’s PTK president, and a son who lives 2 hours away with his wife and Donna’s 2 awesome grandchildren. Kenneth is soon to be 16 and Samantha is 8. Her time is devoted to her education and family, for they are the backbone of everything she does.

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