This is a great opportunity to write on the Campus Blog. I heard I am the first international student to write for the blog, so I’d like to write from the  viewpoint of a Japanese student.

Well, finally I got to Batavia on Wednesday. This is my first visit to the US, and I was so excited to come here. Though it took about 13 hours by airplane from Japan to here, I was not tired at all. On Wednesday, the first day at GCC, I and other international students from Japan got our rooms in College Village, and then, we went shopping to Wal-Mart. I was quite surprised the price of commodities. They all are cheaper and bigger than Japan’s! So I felt it is a waste of money if I buy something in Japan. On the second day at GCC, I took my placement test in the morning. I was tired, because the test was long. This was the first time for me to take a test on a computer. Is this a common way of taking tests in the US? I registered for sessions and the classes will start next week, so I’m looking forward to starting the classes!

I’m really excited at everything I do or see at GCC. And I’m glad to be here.


3 thoughts on “Starting

  1. Jackie

    Congratulations on your first blog. It is very good – keep it up and it will definitely help you with your English and help us to see the Japanese viewpoint of GCC 🙂

      • Welcome to the USA. Now beyond all the Micky Mouse. To make your stay successful three things 1. Stay healthy next stay out of trouble finally stay close to friends. If you do those three things, your stay in USA will be trouble free.

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