By: Genevieve Scholl

Well, this is my last blog post and my last week at GCC. I am going to be transferring to Herkimer County Community College and changing my major to Paralegal. I really feel that it is where I am supposed to be, but I will never forget what I learned here. GCC is a great school to attend and the professors are very helpful. You are treated like an adult here and are respected by your peers and professors. I am going to miss this place and the experience has been incredible. I hope everyone enjoys their time here and refers the school to others.

To whomever takes my spot as blogger, I hope my past blogs help you to write about your own experiences and ideas and I hope you enjoy this job as much as I have. Remember, writing is only expressing yourself, so speak from the heart.Edgar Allan Poe once said, “They who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night,” so keep dreaming even after you open your eyes.

Well, this affectionately ends my blogging career at GCC. I hope everyone enjoyed reading my posts and maybe even learned something in the process! Wish me luck as a Paralegal!

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