Totally Duct


If you attended the Fashion show this past weekend, you probably noticed a few pieces that were made from different kinds of tape. There were dresses made of duct tape, caution tape, and more. This fashion was created by Lisa Crapsi and I have been communicating with her for the past couple of days to learn a bit more about her work.

Me: “What made you start working with Duct tape?”

Lisa: “My full time job is a steamfitter/ welder in local 22. I enjoy out of the ordinary and while at work I got inspired by all the tapes everywhere and decided that the world should see dirty construction sites in a new light.”

Me: “Wow that’s great. What tape did you use first?”

Lisa: “My first dress was gray regular duct tape, I made it for prom. And then a couple years ago I started again but with duct tape and plastic sheeting, and it’s developed in to insulation tape, electrical, the colored duct tapes, caution and danger tape, with more plastic sheeting and some tarps, I’ve used tyvek suits I got from work too.”

Me: “Wow that sounds so creative. Do you have a favorite piece and if you do you have a pic of it for the blog?”

Lisa: “I like the long caution tape one, it’s on my page, it has the black top. I love them all but that one looks really cool walking down the runway.”

Me: “Is there a fashion designer that is your role model?”

Lisa: “I love Besty Johnson’s work. her style is very unique and she as a person is just out there and love it.”

If you did not attend the fashion show and see these amazingly creative works of art, here is a little preview. For more information, check out Lisa’s Facebook page TOTALLY DUCT.


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