GCC Baseball


Last night, I was just surfing the web, using Facebook and Twitter and I saw the GCC Athletics tweet about GCC Baseball.  They said that Ruben Medina just threw a “no-hitter” in a 7-0 win over FLCC.

I don’t know if you guys understand, but a “no-hitter” is a pretty big deal.  A no-hitter is basically what the word says… no hits.  Medina was pitching so well, that no one on FLCC Baseball could successfully get on base by a single, double, triple or a home-run.  Correct me if i’m wrong but I am pretty sure he was a walk away from a perfect game, which is not allowing a single batter out of the seven innings they play to reach a base.

Being a ex-baseball player, and still a baseball fan, this is pretty impressive to me… especially at the college level.  Its kind of ironic that this happened against FLCC, the team that I used to play for.

Congrats to the GCC Baseball team.


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