I’m an Auntie :)


Emily Elizabeth Scholl

Hey everyone! Genevieve here, about to brag about my beautiful little niece Emily! She has gorgeous blue eyes and is starting to get reddish hair like her daddy- my brother.

The onesie that I got her back when she was still in the tummy

Right now she is only about six pounds, but she is growing at an alarming rate. She was born only a little over four pounds, so she has made great progress. She is an amazing child that is incredibly intelligent. She tries to hold up her own head, grabs for things, and in a way we think she knows when we say something that she doesn’t want to hear.

Daddy & Daughter


This weekend I saw her for the first time since she got over all of her complications from being so small. I held her for nearly three hours and, even though my muscles are screaming at me even as I type this, it was the best three hours of my life. Tomorrow I have to go back to Batavia and I am dreading it, because I am going to miss the little peanut sooo much. Chances are I won’t be back home until spring break in March and by then she will be a whole different person! Well, at least I get updates on Facebook! And this effectively ends my bragging about little Emily! 🙂


Emily & Auntie Gen

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