One Acts Review!!


Hi guys, Emily, here!

Well, after what has turned out to be a very interesting week, (read: major projects assigned, good grades reported, an illness, and a nice game of catch-up) I am finally able to give you guys my review of the One Acts performance by the GCC Forum Players!!

As I am sure that you have noticed by my extreme use of exclamation points so far in this blog post…..I loved this performance!!

One Acts consisted of six one-act plays, one after another. While all of the acts  were all simply fantastic; (depression, cross-dressing, foreplay, [while golfing, might I add] courtship, and popular literature where some of the themes which were discussed among the acts) what stood out to me as the best theatrical presentation was the very first presentation of the night, a fifteen minute production of the classic tale, Hamlet.

Now, I love Hamlet, it is far and away my favorite Shakespeare play of all time; and because of this fact, I was a little apprehensive of a condensed fifteen minute version. However, I was not left disappointed. The Forum Players did a great job of maintaining the integrity of the work while shortening the bits of the play that would not be missed by lovers of Shakespeare and also tend to bore people who are not as keen on plays as I. Through condensing the play, the Players got to the heart of what was really happening within the story, and they also made it humorous, something that many don’t necessarily see as a part of Hamlet.

Humor, in particular, was the driving theme of the One Acts production. The Players addressed some issues that are of a serious nature, (such as depression and mania) but the seriousness was softened by the superior comedic timing and willingness to go to the next level by the Forum Players.

All in all, One Acts was fantastic. Having been to a Forum Players production before I was expecting a great performance and was not disappointed. The cast works so well together, there is not a weak link in the bunch.

Having been to a couple of Forum Players productions now, I understand why so members of the Batavia and surrounding communities come to GCC to watch each performance. The Genesee Community College Forum Players are truly a bright spot in our community.

Until next time, theater lovers!!


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