Wait…..We have a Radio Station?!


Hey Guys!!

As I have reminded you oh, so many times, I work in the Student Activities office in the Student Union. Well, our wonderful media specialists hear at the college have been doing some tinkering on the TV that is just outside my office door. As I sit here, at my work-study desk, typing this quick blog for you, I am listening to music from our campuses very own radio station WGCC 90.7 FM. The TV outside my door now broadcasts WGCC along with the campus


announcements that normally run on that monitor.

Did you know we have a radio station?!

Confession…. I’ve known about WGCC since my Freshman year so it’s not big news to me that it exhists. However, it could be big news for you…

I will also confess that I have never actually listened to WGCC until right this second. I have to say that I am enjoying it. WGCC is more or less a rock station, with hints of the new, contemporary music of today. Students who are majoring in media arts get the opportunity to do projects for WGCC and even broadcast on the air. It is a wonderful opportunity for those students who are looking to get into the broadcast field.

I think WGCC is just another reason why GCC is such a great campus. Our school really does give us students every opportunity to succeed it can. If you get bored one day, please hop on to 90.7 FM and give WGCC a listen… I know you’ll like what you hear. You can even listen online at wgcc-fm.com!

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