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Hey, guys, Emily here.

When someone dies, it’s often difficult to talk about. You often can’t find words to express what you are feeling, or the thoughts that are going through your mind. You find yourself sitting there, thinking that what you have just heard is crazy and can’t be true…trying to find a way to make it go away in your mind, or even just a way to compartmentalized the news into a neat package that is somehow easier to swallow.

However, it isn’t often that you get this reaction to hearing about the death of a person that you have never met.

If you have not already heard, (with our 24/7 media, I’m not sure how it’s possible to “not hear” anymore) Apple’s former CEO, Steve Jobs, passed away yesterday. When I heard the news, I was sitting in a classroom during my Wednesday night Horror in Films class , when suddenly my friend Carolyn looked up from her Mac laptop, and told me that Steve Jobs had just died. Now, I have an ear for irony, and it was not lost on me that this news had been delivered to my friend and I via a Mac and that I quickly looked down at my iPhone, trying to decide whether I wanted to investigate the news for myself.

It was a weird, sad feeling. Hearing about Steve’s death. I can only compare it to the night that my mother told me that Heath Ledger had died (I’m going to be honest and tell you that I cried when she told me, he was one of my favorite actors of all time…he always will be) and the day that I found out that Michael Jackson had died (every self-respecting dancer loves Michael Jackson, it’s part of our culture).

I will admit that I did not react as strongly to Steve’s death, as I did to the deaths of Heath Ledger and Michael Jackson. I believe this was because I had only just started building my “relationship” with Steve Jobs. I have only been the proud owner of my iPhone 4 for about 3 1/2 months now, (of course, I have had an iPod for years, but those are so common place now, that it almost doesn’t feel very “Apple” if you know what I mean) and of course I have fallen in love with it, but I had only just begun thinking about making the switch to all Apple products.

Lets face reality and recognize that Steve Jobs was a visionary. He changed technology during our generation at a far faster pace than had ever been seen before in our country, or in the world. However, he did pay a price.

For the most part, I believe that everyone knew that he was sick , which was the reason why he stepped down as the CEO of Apple in the first place, but we were never aware just how sick he was. Steve Jobs was a very secretive man, which was one of the reasons why the American public was so enamored with him.

Like I said at the beginning of this post, it is hard to talk about someone who has died. I found an article on foxnews.com that pays tribute to Steve Jobs, his successes, and his history, in a more eloquent and succinct way then I ever could. I will post the link to the article below. Please read it, if you get the chance. It does shed some light on a man, that we all knew, and respected in one way or another.

We will always remember Steve the way we loved him most: standing on a huge stage, black turtle-neck, jeans, sneakers… with a little smirk on his face, about to unveil a product that was sure to change our lives forever.

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