Stop Animal Abuse!


By: Genevieve Scholl

Ancient Egyptian Dog

My fellow blogger, Emily, wrote about sharks today and it gave me an idea to show you what I support. Animal Abuse is a horrendous act and should never be tolerated. Animals have been by our side for years and years. They have been loyal, kind, loving and protective. Yet, some of us, do not return that loyalty, kindness, protectiveness, and love.

There are hundreds of animals in the world that are like family instead of pets, but there are also a lot of them that are treated like victims. Cruel, mean, rude, vindictive, and unfair abuse is given to these living beings. Sometimes their lives are taken away before they really have a chance to live. I mean, I ask of you, look at the picture of the cute little puppy to the right… Could you hurt this creature? Could you bring pain to this puppy by your hand? I couldn’t.

Animals are like our children. They count on us to feed them, bathe them, play with them, and love them. They depend on us for warmth, affection, and survival. I don’t know about you all (though I hope you feel the same as I do), but I couldn’t raise my hand in a threatening move to my “child”, let alone actually bring them pain. Would you want to live your life afraid that everyone around you was going to strike you at any moment? Would you want to be beaten and not be able to tell someone about it, because you don’t have a voice?

Let us be the voice for the animals of abuse. Speak out if you know of any abuse! Save the defenseless animals from a life of pain and suffering! See this little baby bunny to the right? This bunny was near death when he was found in Upstate New York. Now, one month later, he is a happy, well fed, and fat family pet. See what a difference it can make when someone takes initiative and helps a furry animal?

It isn’t only pets that get abused. Farm animals are constantly abused like they don’t matter. Farmers only see them as meat instead of a living breathing being. Please help to stop this violent act and contact the authorities below.

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